Breaking News – Changes to your Google+ Verification

Google+ announced a new verification process this week. As of Friday afternoon, there are now three different ways to verify your page.

You may have already verified your Google+ but Google is introducing a way to link your Plus page to your site by verifying with webmaster tools.

Turn the Page is aware of these changes and we think you should wait on verifying your page until they work out some of the issues with the three different processes. We are hoping that verifying your page once will be sufficient enough and you will not need to use the other two methods to complete your Google+ page.

When you view your front page of Google+, you’ll be prompted to link your website under your circles.

After you click the prompt, it will get you more information on how exactly the process works.

After you link your website, a check mark will appear next to your website under “about.”

If you would like to become familiar with this process, Google’s Support site has a tutorial.

Again, we think you should sit tight while all the bugs get worked out and once they are, we can assist you in completing your listing.

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