Writing “Boring Industry” Content: How to Keep Your Content Fresh & Interesting


Content marketing can be a tough game, even for the most exciting industries. More and more companies are using content marketing, like blogs, to promote their brands and attract new customers. However, according to a Chartbeat study, about 10% of readers lose interest after the top of the page and don’t scroll down at all, and the majority of readers only make it through about 60% of the content.

But don’t give up! While it might be true that it’s often easier to create interesting content for industries like travel, tourism, entertainment and food, there are plenty of opportunities for your brand to produce great content that people will actually want to read.

Creating Better Content for Your Industry

One of the worst mistakes businesses can make when it comes to content marketing is lacking a clear plan for who to target and a specific set of goals that they want to accomplish with the content. First thing’s first: know your audience. This is especially important for niche businesses and industries that may be considered by some to be “boring.”


Once you understand who your audience is, you’ll be better able to connect with them by creating content that is original, relevant to your industry, and interesting. Take, for example, the Dove Real Beauty campaign. Dove produced a series of videos that took boring, everyday soap to a whole new level. The Real Beauty videos each found a way to emphasize that every woman is beautiful, no matter her body type, weight or skin tone. Rather than focusing on their product, Dove chose to focus on their audience: the everyday woman.

Another way to get consumers’ attention is to create content about your industry that is truly useful and informative, rather than content that simply aims to sell. Position your brand as the expert in your industry by creating relevant and educational content that will keep consumers coming back for more.

Say No to Boring Content

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