Why a Word-of-Mouth-Only Marketing Campaign is Killing Your Business

Why a Word-of-Mouth-Only Marketing Campaign is Killing Your Business

Word-of-mouth marketing refers to the type of marketing that your customers do for you. Sounds great, right? Less work for you while your customers spread the word about how great your business is to all their friends. It is true that word-of-mouth marketing can be useful for your business and can help you gain customers. But, it is a mistake to think that word of mouth alone is enough to get your business the kind of success you want.

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Word of Mouth is Hard to Control

Developing a strong brand presence is an important part of any successful business. You want your brand and your name to conjure up some specific ideas in consumers’ minds. In order to achieve that, a real marketing strategy beyond word of mouth is key. One big problem with word-of-mouth marketing is that you can’t control it. Instead, your customers are controlling the messaging that is getting out there to new consumers about your business. By utilizing a strong and well-planned marketing strategy, including social media, content marketing and PPC, you can take control of the conversation and create the image you want for your brand.

word-of-mouth marketingA Few Bad Experiences Can Spiral Out of Control

Sure, word-of-mouth marketing can be great if your business has an extremely loyal customer base that has only positive things to say. However, even if you’re running a great business and have many loyal customers, chances are there are at least a few customers that are spreading less than stellar reviews. Negative reviews can have very real and lasting negative effects on your company.

As online search continues to gain prevalence, more and more people are relying on online reviews to determine if a company is worth spending money on. A few bad online reviews about your business are there for all the world to see and can greatly damage your image in the eyes of consumers. The best way to offset the negative effects of bad word of mouth is to create an effective marketing campaign that will show consumers why they should trust your business.

Using Only Word of Mouth Significantly Decreases Your Reach

Even if you have great online reviews and all your customers are spreading the word about how much they love your business, word-of-mouth-only marketing still isn’t the best way to go. By using a word-of-mouth-only strategy, you’re severely limiting the audience of potential new customers that you can reach. Relying on your customers’ good words as the only way to spread the word about your business is never going to get your business to the level of success that you should be aiming for. By using some smart, strategic online marketing moves, you’ll be amazed at the number of new customers that you can reach and attract to your business.

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Why a Word-of-Mouth-Only Marketing Campaign is Killing Your Business

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