The Importance of an Editorial Calendar

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Content marketing is all about sharing relevant and useful information that helps to promote a brand or business and acquire customers. Successful content marketing means building a loyal following that trusts your brand for quality content and provides you with repeat business. The key to achieving a successful content marketing strategy is to consistently put out truly high-quality content that is focused on what your audience wants to see. What’s the best way to do this? Create and stick to an editorial calendar. Here’s why:

Developing a Well-Planned Strategy

Content marketing requires a lot of strategy in order to be successful. Understanding your audience is a central factor, and this is something that requires planning and evolving over time. Developing a content marketing editorial calendar will help you and your team come up with a strategic plan to get high-quality content on a regular basis. An editorial calendar will help you to plan out regular posts, alternate between different topics to avoid repetition, plan both time-sensitive and evergreen posts, and keep track of writing tasks and assignments given to different members of the team. The editorial calendar serves as a visual form of planning and communication that will help each member of the team contribute new ideas and keep track of deadlines.

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Consistency is Key

Writing down a content marketing plan into an editorial calendar helps you and your team to achieve consistency in all that you do. An editorial calendar automatically instills a sense of accountability, making each individual more likely to deliver high-quality, relevant content consistently over time. Consistency is especially important when the goal is to build a following for increased blog traffic. A steady following can only be gained through being consistent in the type of content you put out day after day. Our favorite resource for creating an editorial calendar is Trello, a user-friendly platform on which you can create multiple boards and lists that can be assigned to different members of a team along with due dates and notes.

A Smart Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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