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5 Tips for using Facebook in your Small Business

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There are many advantages of using Facebook for a business, it is free advertising and helps promote a business with personal recommendations from friends. Here are 5 tips to help promote online for the new user or those not sure how to take advantage of this resource.
Tip 1- Time management
Being on Facebook is an essential to your business but it is also can be a time sucker. How many times have we gotten on to work and an hour half later we have done one thing? Because we answered messages, chatted with our sister in law an hour away and commented on about 15 statuses. Set a timer, if you are at work. A timer can be handy if you aren’t at work; 20 min to work on your business site and then go to your personal site. You should devote one to two hours a week to work on your social media.
Tip 2-Personalize your BUSINESS site
One mistake that small businesses will make is using their personal Facebook for their business instead of making a business page. As the internet shifts more towards SEO (search engine optimization) your business needs to have its own page. Of course you want all your friends and family to like your business but you want to be establishing a Page that holds information about just your industry. Why I say industry is because you want to use Facebook to be a source of information, sharing information with you customers will help establish trust and takes the pressure that you are just trying to sale them something. Share information about what your company is doing to help the community or information about employers. Making your site more personal leaves what I have termed “invisible stamp” so that next time someone is need they will remember your company because they will feel a connection with your company.
Tip 3-Places
Make sure to add your business as a place on Facebook so that when people come in they can checkin to your business. When people see that the places their friends are checking into they will be either reminded of your location or if they haven’t heard of it they may ask questions about it.
Tip 4-Blogging
Another good way to personalize you business page is to blog. You can add information for your customers or clients in length and then link it back to your Facebook Business Page. Using a tool like HootSuite that lets you write blogs and then schedule them to be released may help with time management. How this used is you can write 3 or 4 blogs in one setting and then schedule those to be released every day or once a week. We would encourage you to blog a minimum of once a week.
Tip 5-Interactaction
Be involved with the users on your facebook page. If you put information out and people ask questions, make sure to answer them or share how you can help in their needs. Remember you are branding yourself so you want users to know you care about their needs, not just your own.