Facebook – Graph Search a Level Playing Field

A Different Kind of Search?

Facebook has announced Graph Search and they say it is different.  There have been rumblings about a Facebook Search for quite a while now and it is easy to understand why they stayed away from competing in the true Search Engine environment.  That is a tough nut to crack, just try using their current search tool.  So here is the scoop.

Facebook wants an open and connected the world.  So they have developed a platform that they believe provides us all with the opportunity navigate our social connections.  Here is a list of the main points:

  • Searchers can create their own customized view of the results you generate
  • Citing privacy: results are limited to content that the searcher already had access too.
  • Currently focuses on 4 main areas: People, Photos, Places and Interests.

Graph Search is set to be the third pillar of the Facebook platform building an addition to the “newsfeed” and “timeline” pillars in place.  It really makes it easy to gather information about your Facebook connections.  

It could be a great tool for stalkers (just Kidding) easily get every photo of you in Facebook.  Of course you would have to allow them to be your friend or friends of friends or friends of friend of friends first – you get the gist of it.

True Social Search

Kidding aside the defining element of search graph is that people searching for the same thing will truly see different results.  Now this is very interesting, at first we thought blah.  Then we realized search graph may just level the playing field for Facebook with the Google’s of this world.   Way back when it was hip to discuss the war between Google and Facebook it was always obvious that Google had an advantage with their existing search platform.  It appeared Google could relatively simply integrate social media (Google+) into their existing engine and it would be much more difficult for Facebook to develop a new search engine.  Is the light starting to glow – it did for us!  This could be the solution for Facebook if Graph Search actually works it really is Social Search.  Social Search is something Google is striving for and Facebook (potentially) has already developed.  Maybe the war is on and the balance of power is shifting?

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