Facebook for business can be a lot of things. It can be a pain, it can be a chore, or it can be a window into an entirely new way of doing business. How you handle it is up to you.

Here are five things you can do to improve your Facebook presence:

  1. Stop promoting yourself. When someone “likes” your page they’re not asking you to bombard them with how awesome you are. Especially if you’re a small business. Chances are you specialize in one thing, HVAC, Law, Landscaping, Medical Technology, so, unlike Target, that carries a zillion things, you can’t continually promote your one thing. So stop it.
  2. Post good stuff. Photos, videos (especially videos) or other posts that will interest your followers. Don’t feel you’re restricted to only information about what you do, jazz it up a bit. What you’re going for are multiple shares. This is where it’s at. Don’t believe me? Searchmetrics found that Facebook shares are the leading contributor to higher Google rankings. Facebook is also hinting at joining search so Katie, bar the door.
  3. Offer meaningful things. You don’t have to have Groupon to make an offer. Groupon requires a minimum deal number. You can determine your own. Start small, 25% off something for the first five people who post the words, “Lady GaGa is a man, baby!” Make it fun and make it meaningful. Keep your 5% off to yourself, cheapskate.
  4. Engage with the people on your site. Check it often and respond to comments, good or bad. Use first names, say thanks. If the comment or post is bad don’t delete it unless absolutely necessary. On a separate document far, far away from Facebook type what you would really like to say to them and delete. Take a deep breath, and then respond to the negative post in a sincere fashion. Other people will realize pretty quickly if the negative Nancy is an idiot so don’t get drawn into a public battle.
  5. Use keywords to increase your rankings and complete all of your profiles. It just chaps my hide to go to a company page and it looks like it was thrown together with no information on who owns the store or even where they are. If you can’t complete your profiles and then continually stock your page with keywords relevant to what you do then don’t bother. You do yourself more harm with a half-baked page than with none.
  6. Ok, one more because I’m a writer. Blog, blog, blog, blog and then link it to your Facebook page. This is an excellent way to get around Rule # 1 up there. It’s a way to promote your site with actual, useful content. A bit of advice, a success story, a case study, all can be blog material and posting it on Facebook boosts your credibility.

So there you go, a few things you can do on Facebook that probably won’t kill you. Because, my friend, social media is here to stay. Your customers will keep getting younger and will expect a good web presence from you. So use it as a way to be a problem solver, a friend, a gossip, and a guide. And if you just can’t face the music call Turn The Page Online Marketing. The social media mavens here do things that amaze even me so give them a shout and let them work their magic.

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