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#Facebook now with #Hashtags

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This week, Facebook began rolling out hashtag use for users to search and tag.

 If you’re a regular to Facebook, you’ve probably noticed many people have already been using hashtags. It’s likely they’ve developed a habit from posting to Twitter and Instagram. But anyone on this social network can now use hashtags- and they’ll work. These hashtags will now be clickable and users can search for them as well.

We’ve seen hashtags in Twitter for years, allowing us to live tweet, search an event or subject and get things trending. Other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr and Google + have already been allowing users to participate in a common conversation through hashtags.

As of yesterday, Facebook users will begin to see this new capability. Gradually, we will all be able to join in on Facebook hashtag use over the next several weeks. Once it takes off, we’ll likely see trending capabilities being incorporated as well.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Facebook daily to connect with friends and family. With enhanced ways to connect with more people and be a part of the conversation, we think users have not only anticipated this but will make the most of it.

What do you think of Facebook finally incorporating hashtags?  My opinion: #itsabouttime

Social Media and the Job Hunt

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Does anyone even look in the newspaper for jobs anymore? Searching through social media for jobs is one of the most common ways the unemployed look for work. Employers are posting openings on LinkedIn, tweeting about positions and recruiting on Facebook. If you find a job opening online, chances are your future employer will also find you online, so use social media to your advantage.

Is social media hurting your chances?

CNBC article goes in-depth about a nationwide CareerBuilder survey conducted from February 11 to March 6, 2013 that found out why some candidates were taken out of the running after viewing social media pages.

  • 50%: Candidate’s profile included inappropriate photos or information
  • 48%: Information was posted about drinking or using drugs
  • 33%: Candidate had spoken negatively about a previous employer
  • 24%: Potential employee lied about qualifications

Everyone makes mistakes, but I can’t help but wonder what these people were thinking. Use common sense. If you don’t have something nice or appropriate to say on social media, simply don’t put it out there.

Is social media boosting your chances?

The same study also revealed that social media can increase your chances at being offered a position, as long as you’re using it right.

  • 57%: Candidate conveyed a professional image
  • 50%: Potential employee expressed a wide variety of interests
  • 49%: Information posted on social media sites supported qualifications and résumé
  • 38%: Other people posted positive reviews about the job candidate. 

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

  • Search for yourself on Google. What you see is what potential employers will also see, so remove any questionable content as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see or read it, don’t post it on your social media page. Some damage can’t be undone, but delete old pages if you think you need a fresh start.
  • Make connections even when you aren’t job hunting. Networking now is what will help you find your next job later. Tweet companies you’re interested in, and ask relevant questions.
  • Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn from previous managers or even professors who can attest to your skills and work ethic.
  • Brag about yourself. As competitive as the job market can be, never sell yourself short. However, do make a conscious effort not to exaggerate or lie. Potential employers will find out. 

Using social media can be extremely helpful in your job search as long as you’re using it properly. In fact, I found my job here at Turn The Page through LinkedIn! An interview will be your big selling point, but you have to get there first. Let your social media sites boost your chances and complement your job search.

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B2B Social Media: How Your Company Can Leverage Social Sites

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When you think of social media campaigns conducted by businesses, chances are your mind first goes to business to customer or B2C ones rather than business to business or B2B social media campaigns.

While B2B social media campaigns may not be as widespread or high-profile as their B2C counterparts, when leveraged properly they can be instrumental in the success of a B2B endeavor, moving B2B pitches from face-to-face local encounters to global social conversations. Here are some tips your company should use for the most effective B2B social media campaigns.

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Social media tools: automation do's and don'ts

Social Media Tools: Automation Dos & Don’ts

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Today, we live in a world where social media dominates the communication sphere. That is a fact, plain and simple. Because of this cultural shift, a number of social media tools have been developed, making the lives of social media marketers much easier. Used correctly, these social media tools can be very effective and have a positive impact on your communication. However, if these entities are misused, your communication can be seriously compromised. So, just how can you decide when to use these social media tools and when to avoid them?

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multiple device access graphic with text online marketing: better for the long term growth

Online Marketing: Better for Long-Term Growth

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Online marketing is the best way for your business to see long-term growth. By the time a television advertisement screens or once a newspaper ad has been read and disposed of, you have already begun to lose your audience.

Real, organic online marketing is what it takes to leave a long-lasting impression with your customers. Over time, online marketing tactics have the ability to establish solid client-customer relationships, which act as the glue that gets a client to stick around for sales and services to come.

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