Social Media Guide for Business Part 2 of 5

Facebook a Social Phenomena

Continued from Social Media Guide Part 1.  If you want to feel like an outsider in today’s culture, mention to someone that you don’t have a Facebook page. As the fastest-growing website in the world (even more visited than…) Facebook has made quite an impression on our culture. Everyone from teenagers to grandparents use Facebook these days. Not only has it opened an opportunity for friends and family to stay connected, but it’s also created a great opportunity for business owners. Facebook allows you to create a “page” for your business where customers can become fans and stay tuned in to all of your updates that you post. It’s a great way to grow your business, market your events and services, and gain customer loyalty – ALL FOR FREE. What do you need?

A Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is just that a page on Facebook for your business.  It is not a profile which is for personal use on Facebook.  Setting up a Facebook Page is simple – follow the Create Facebook Page step by step guide.  Once you have your page it is time to get down to business.

Status Updating Tips

If you’re new to Facebook Pages, here are a few tips for updating your business page status. A status update is a great way to get your information in front of customers. Whatever you post for your business will travel to your fan’s “newsfeeds,” and be seen by many. (To see exactly how many impressions each status receives, check back on occasion and Facebook will post your statistics.) It’s important; however, to post good status updates. Customers are smart and know that if all you do is post updates about your business, your sales and how often they need to buy something from you – they’ll tune you out and possible “unlike” your page.

To stay popular and in the “pull marketing” groove, here are a few tips:

  • Post “life of the party” updates. People like funny remarks, jokes, and other updates where they can laugh or relate.
  • Ask open-ended, easy-going questions that relate to your business. For example, an automotive-themed company might as “Favorite song to car-dance to…” or “Worst driving offense ever…”
  • Post helpful information. Look for articles that include helpful and relevant information for your customers, and post links to those sites.
  • Let people know (on occasion) what you are up to. If you do have a super sale happening, let people know! Your status is a great way to spread the word and market your business – just don’t go overkill.

Facebook Best Practices

We just went through the details of using your business Facebook page to the max! To get the most benefit out of your Facebook page, remember a few simple best practices:

  • Post often. Create posts that make you the “life of the party.” Don’t just talk about your business and advertise. Share about your life, what’s happening around the office, a funny story or joke, etc. Don’t have it be all business all of the time.
  • Reply to comments. Make sure to reply to any comments or questions people pose on your business Facebook page. (And make sure you’re using Facebook as your business when you reply.)
  • Suggest to Friends. One of the best ways to grow your Facebook “likes” is to suggest it to your Facebook friends. From your business page, look at the link on the right that says “Suggest to Friends” and send invites via Facebook. This will be a great way to increase people’s awareness of your business.

Facebook Goals

The goal of your Facebook page is not necessarily to acquire as many fans as possible. It is more important to find people that will engage with you. It’s better to have 25 people who “like” your page and engage with you, than 250 people who never engage.   Turn the Page will update you Business Page 3-4 times each week. As you increase your “likes”, Facebook Insights will be helpful to understand what your audience likes and engages with. Each franchise location will be different, according to location and culture in your area.  After you receive 25 likes, you can set a vanity URL. This means that you can create a simpler URL so that customers can find you – something like Once we hit 25 likes, we’d enter “TurnThePage” as our vanity URL.  Set your Facebook Vanity URL here.  Remember, when other business “like” your page, it does not increase your number. Your “like” number only increases when a person “likes” your page.  Come back for Part 3 Next week when we talk about Twitter.

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