Reevaluating the Importance of Sales Closing Rates

Reevaluating the Importance of Sales Closing Rates

With the Internet serving as a helpful tool for researching merchandise, customers don’t rely on salespeople for knowledge as much as they used to in the past. They walk into a store with an idea in mind and walk out without interacting with the store’s employees for more than a couple of minutes.

The Need for Effective Online Marketing

The rise of online search means less opportunity for sales people to sell in person, make commission, and even highlight the benefits and features of other products. With less time to interact with the customers that make their jobs possible, sales teams now rely heavily on online marketing to increase sales closing rates before a customer walks in the door.

That’s what has lead so many companies to reevaluate sales closing rates based on online marketing tactics. It’s now more important than ever to assist with upselling to a customer before they’re standing face to face with you. That means that every salesperson plays two roles: one of a salesman or saleswoman and one of the strategic marketer whose greatest concern is to turn lookers into purchasers with increased effort in sales closing rates.

excerpt blurbHigh Closing Rates Can Still Lead to Business Failure

Even with seemingly high sales closing rates, some businesses are still forced to close their doors, forcing analysts to reevaluate the costs of marketing. Although salespeople at physical locations are always necessary, the role they play in an organization has changed. They are no longer needed to influence the mind of the customer when he or she enters the store.

Businesses need to concentrate their efforts on attracting more customers online and sealing the deal that way. Now, more than ever, online marketing is essential to closing a sale. Digital marketing content in the form of social media posts, videos, promotional materials, and blogs is essential. These materials help sway the customer and make them want to buy what your company is selling even before they walk in the door. How does this work?

  • Introduces your brand, products and services all before the customer enters the door
  • Opens up your brand to consumers who have never heard of it before
  • Legitimizes your brand through effective content marketing

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