12 Days of Google Christmas: In Page Google Analytics

After letting the world play with the BETA version of In-Page Google Analytics for a few months, I am now at a point where I feel a little more comfortable analyzing Googles In-Page Analytics without getting too… you know, analytical.

Good: The good part of In-Page Google Analytics is being able to see exactly where, and in what percentages, searchers are clicking through on your website page(s) and following the path they take to get to your site. Most newbie analytic users (O.K. I happen to be one of them) had a heck of a time fishing for data like that.  In-Page Analytics does this by superimposing the information in the form of bubbles on click points on the page. Pretty cool.  It is even better for the people who prefer visuals or are visual learners like me!

Better:  Goal setting. The goals you set for your website (i.e. wanting searchers to choose a certain link on your page,  choose to subscribe to an RSS feed or buy a certain item) and the perceived reasons searchers land on your page, can be deduced quickly from this new bubble display. As a result, depending on your goals, they may indicate what changes you may want/need to make to your website (using your CMS of course) to reach the goals you do have (resulting in the possible elimination of some items/features and highlighting or adding others).

Best: Using the defaulted Advanced Segments you can gather some pretty unique in-page information such as click-through patterns of referral traffic, which may be important if you are selling on your site. Another super cool feature is the ability to add filters (several good ones are defaulted). If you want to narrow down an important aspect even further, say for instance, what city your searchers are from (taking a page from Facebook Insights I’d say, wouldn’t you?- or vice versa?) you can use that as a filter.

One more feature worth noting is the ability to look at the in-page analytics directly from your own site. The view may be better but the ability to segment and filter seems to only be available using the view from the Google Analytics platform.  (I was in Chrome so this is probably accurate). This website view may be a better for general website design change considerations.

The In-Page Analytics makes everything user-friendly and anything that takes the sting out of the word ‘analytics’ is a big plus for me. What are the pitfalls of In-Page Analytics, you may be asking yourself? Well, in the spirit of Christmas, I’ll leave that discussion for another time. No use putting a lump of coal in a pretty nice stocking.

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  • Levitra says:

    Thanks for this article and for your website on the whole. I’ve just shared it.

  • Excellent post. I read these blogs by Turn the Page and I come away learning something foundational to my education about Social Media and SEO. Thanks for the good work.

  • Ed Rippee says:

    My friends at Turn the Page have done it again. Not only have they provided me with valuable information about on line tools- they’ve done it with style and entertainment! Can’t wait to see and read what the other 11 days of Google Christmas will look like!

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