How To Care For Your Facebook Likes

Our previous post discussed the value (or lack of) that a “Like” can bring to a brand on Facebook. The Like generally meant more to the brand than it did to the “Liker” and didn’t bring the immediate brand loyalty a marketer hopes for.

So what should brands do once they get that Like?

You can bring fans to your page with the promise of a contest or other promotions and there are some brands that have done a totally bang up job with that. But after that, it’s up to the brand to engage and keep them and it’s a fine, fine line between engagement and annoyance.

It may actually be easier for a small business to successfully navigate a Facebook relationship than a larger brand with huge ad budget.

Here’s how:

If this is your first foray into a brand page take the time to answer individual posts. Use the first name of the poster; this will establish an immediate connection. Don’t just post and run. Be ready to answer negative commentary with sincerity and honesty.

Offer varied content. Post related industry news, new technology or just something you find funny. Make sure you have the mobile app for your phone so you can post on the go. A spontaneous update about some dude in a weird hat on a street corner may make your Likers think you’re an actual human who finds weird dudes in hats funny.

If your business supports a non-profit or other causes post information about that as well. Not only will your fans see that you’re civic minded you’ll also generate more support for a cause you care about.

An eMarketer’s study indicated that 54% of the consumers polled did not Like a brand on Facebook because they didn’t want to be assaulted by messages promoting the brand. So don’t clog the stream like those annoying Farmville posts I finally had to block.

Think of your relationship with your Facebook fans as a way to humanize your brand, talk about it like you would with a customer, and show your passion for what you do. You have the “chance to be heard” that businesses of even a few years ago would have killed for so use it!

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