You are probably already aware that there is a rumor that SEO is dying.  This post aims to mix fact and factual imagination (FFI) to explain that SEO isn’t dying it is changing.  Let’s start with the premise the Google is a Search Superstar (Fact).  Like any superstar Google has a Posse (factual imagination).  Now you get the idea.  Google’s audience is worldwide and anyone with access to the internet uses Google for something in their daily lives.  This audience is Google’s critical component because; indirectly; it is how they make money.  They sell the ability to advertise to their audience and so if they don’t have an audience…………….. you get the picture.  Google is constantly evolving how it presents results to its audience and it needs to communicate this evolution effectively to ensure the audience follows.  The Posse is how they effectively communicate with the audience when they want things to happen.  They use a Posse to distribute the message which generally by weight of number goes viral.  The Posse also creates clutter, sort of like a fog, that does not allow absolutely clear understanding until finally Google’s master plan is apparent.  To read more FFI proceed on…………..

Google – Superstar

Don’t need to spend much time laying the groundwork for this, Google’s a household name.  We all use it, heck even our kids use it.  A TTP staffer’s daughter asked Google where her Ipod was when she was 8! Google dominates search and is spreading through the fabric of our lives.  We are based in Kansas City and hear daily about the benefits of Google Fiber.   Google is the great provider and understands when they stop providing they can’t be profitable.  They make money because they dominate search and are increasingly part of our lives.  They charge businesses and people to be part of their message on a platform they control (reportedly) providing unbiased insight into what searchers want to know.  So.  How do they get their message out?

Google’s Posse

Now this is not a formal Posse, it is one that has formed out of necessities.  Google constantly changes its search platform and the way it presents results.  It has to get the message out.  Mainstream media is not the answer; too much education needed.  Hence the Posse.  There is an inner circle, members of the Posse who have access to Googlers.  This Inner Circle is made up of people and organizations, Danny Sullivan, SEOMoz, Rand Fishkin, Search Engine Land etc. etc.  The inner circle even have direct conversations with Matt Cutts (The Google Messenger).  Each member of the Inner Circle has its own posse and Inner Circle and so it goes on.  Google is protective of exactly how their indexing and algorithm work.  They do not want anyone having an unfair advantage in the world of search – unless you pay.  So what they release is always less than the whole picture and as little or as much as they need to get the conversation going in the right direction.  You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to work out that by the time you are reading the latest from Google it is usually tainted with multiple opinions.  We call this clutter and that is just how Google likes it.

Google Clutter

The funny thing about Google is they really do have a plan.  It is concise down to the last detail even including when they all take a break for Table Tennis.  The truth is their overall plan is generally veiled in secrecy.  Unfortunately they have to keep their “posse” somewhat informed so they can get the information out there.  Primarily Matt Cutts – Google Messenger is the vehicle to release snippets of information designed to get the Posse generating reams of content about what Google is up to next.  So what is the plan?

Has SEO really left the Building?

The simple answer is no.  It has changed and changed significantly.  It is not really SEO anymore.  It is part of a housing development.  There are many different search avenues -:  Social Media, Social Search, Content Marketing, Local Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing etc. etc.  Think about it; our Superstar is increasing its audience size by spreading search into all these different arenas.  That is how they like it – bigger audiences.

What Now?

Getting the most from your online efforts has changed and is continuing to change.  It is more and more difficult to do everything you need to be successful there is just so much to do — wow have we heard that before!  The real truth online is moving inexorably toward true social marketing.  The rules are the same as networking offline you can’t just hand out your business card, you have to engage the crowd and be genuine.  Is your business or organization ready for whats coming out of the fog?


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