Google Search Introduces Social Results & the Knowledge Graph

It’s how you find the telephone number of your favorite pizza joint, it’s how you reconnect with long-lost relatives, it’s how you learn about things never taught in school textbooks — it’s Google Search. Google Search has revolutionized the way we access information, and they’ve just launched two tools that will make the information-seeking experience more personal and effective than ever. Fellow Googlers, meet Google’s latest — social results and the Knowledge Graph.

Social Results

It seems like just yesterday that the search engine giant created Google +. Since, Google + has established itself as a unique social media network, connecting anyone with a Google account to millions of other users. To enhance the Google Search experience, the search engine masterminds have added a personal touch.

Now you can make social queries on the search engine. It works like any other search: simply enter your query and wait for the results to appear. Social results will pop up with public search results. Finally, you can read your friends’ minds, Google + friends, at least. Any non-private, search-related pics, posts, or pages your friends have shared on their Google + account will appear in your search.

Hungry but can’t remember the name of that amazing gyro restaurant your friend always mentions? Look no further than Google Search. With the swipe of a few fingers, any search-specific Google + posts she made will appear, resolving the afternoon’s gyro dilemma.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? We couldn’t be more excited! The only catch is that your search must be made from while you’re signed into either your Google or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) account. Your language must also be set to U.S. English. Aside from this, you’re free to mull through social results to your heart’s content.

Knowledge Graph

If you weren’t able to pin down the name of your friend’s favorite greek restaurant, the  Knowledge Graph may be the next best thing. Simply search for a person, place, or thing — think elementary-school noun lessons — and look for a small box to appear on the right-hand side of your screen. And, no, this isn’t a “Birchbox” filled with goodies. It’s still pretty awesome, though! After making your search, this little black box will pop up with oodles of helpful information. Most often, you’ll see basic facts, photos, and other informational gems acquired from Google’s most popular search results.

Who’s to thank for this great tool? The Knowledge Graph, Google’s resource for linking “real-world things” to other related entities, is the driving force behind this tool. For the most part, this information will be relevant, progressing organically with time and new information. See something irrelevant or outdated? Google’s constantly updating its information, so your feedback is encouraged! Although this tool is currently limited to people, place, and thing searches, it will help you find better Google Search results in no time.

Because curiosity and the desire to learn are embedded in our DNA, we are some of Google’s biggest fans. With the ability to get social results and access information more effectively than ever, we’re pretty stoked to put these tools to work.

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