Is Your Customer Motivated By Price or Pleasure?

To be truly successful in online marketing, you have to have a deep understanding of the things that motivate your customers. When you understand the psychological factors that make a client buy your product and return to your brand, you have a marked advantage over your competition.

Pleasure is a powerful motivator. When dealing with price motivated shoppers vs. pleasure motivated shoppers, it is important to remember that enjoyment actually is the underlying factor that is making both types of shoppers act. The major difference is that the more utilitarian shopper derives her pleasure from the act of hunting down the best possible price, while the desire-oriented shopper is looking to fulfill a fantasy by obtaining your product. By using marketing to appeal to both types of shoppers, you position your business to succeed.

Appealing to Price-Motivated Shoppers

Getting a shopper who is motivated by the best deal to choose your product is fairly straightforward. The most straightforward way to appeal to a shopper who does not want to pay more than she must is simply to be aware of the fact that she will comparison shop and will get the desired product as cheaply as possible, even if it means sacrificing a convenient shopping experience. When your goal is appealing to the price-motivated shopper, you are wasting valuable marketing dollars and time if you’re focusing much on creating a gorgeous shopping experience. Instead, marketing efforts should focus on making sure that the price of the product is as appealing as possible. Efforts should be made to keep your website as fast and responsive as possible, or you risk losing this pragmatic type to your swifter competitors. And if your company encourages the comparison shopping that she’s going to do anyway, you’ll increase trust levels with this type of client.

Enticing Pleasure-Motivated Shoppers

It is a little more complicated to appeal to a shopper who is motivated not just by the pleasure in obtaining your product but also by the experience she’ll enjoy while she gets it. To create a marketing campaign to this type of shopper, your best bet is to focus your efforts on making the shopping experience as stimulating as possible. Vivid photography, video and interactivity are useful tools for helping her enjoy her purchasing experience more. Playful, inviting written content gives her permission to enjoy herself with your brand, encouraging both immediate sales and repeat interactions with your brand. Keeping your marketing content focused on the consumer and making her experience with your brand entertaining and immersive is key to delivering the pleasure-oriented shopping experience that this type of consumer is seeking.

Marketing Strategies for Every Client

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