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Social Media Guide for Business – Part 1 of 5

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If there has ever been a “jackpot” when it comes to marketing your business and gaining exposure, it’s social media. With the BOOM of popularity surrounding Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and now Google+, there’s a prime opportunity to connect with current and potential customers.

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Pinterest Introduces Analytics Tool

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On Monday night, Pinterest announced that web analytics for your Pinterest site are now available. These analytics will provide more insight into page activity and the interaction being done with images and boards. We believe Pinterest is paving the way for greater business participation.

How to Receive Pinterest Analytics
Anyone with a verified Pinterest account can receive Pinterest Web Analytics. With a verified account, these analytics are available from the existing menu in the top right corner.

What’s Included
This free web-based analytics tool tracks the number of pins from a site as well as the number of repins that those original pins received. Other items tracked include the number of impressions and referral traffic, in both total clicks and unique visitors, that are sent back to their site. A site owner can also see the most re-pinned images and what pins drove the most visitors to their site.

These analytics seem fairly basic, but also very useful to a site owner. With Pinterest’s launch of business accounts late last year, this site is certainly becoming more marketer-friendly.

What’s Next?
Our guess- ads. Pinterest is doing this the right way by rolling out an analytics tool prior to any paid products. Businesses can now measure the effectiveness of their campaigns before paying to play. Pinterest has also provided case studies to show us how companies like Etsy and Jetsetter have benefited from Pinterest.

With this new web-based analytics tool, we believe companies on Pinterest will benefit by  seeing what images certain products are being repinned and found by the most unique visitors. Images will no longer be blindly placed on Pinterest hoping for traction. Marketers are able to see what pieces of their Pinterest campaigns are gaining the most traffic.

Pinterest’s large-image layout makes this social media site unique because of its visual style. With the majority of its users being women (moms) and kids, businesses are reaching very influential consumers. We look forward to seeing how Pinterest Web Analytics, along with Pinterest Business Pages, will grow as a tool for brands and marketers.