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Why You Shouldn’t Mass Market Products Anymore

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Typically, big companies of consumer packaged goods (CPG) are at the top of the mass-marketing game. Their brand is recognizable, so all they have to do is let people know about their new products and services. According to a recent report from eMarketer, CPG brands (in this case, grocery) are beginning to insert themselves at all points of the buyer’s journey, instead of focusing on brand awareness and promotions by retailers. This means that these brands are using a “small business” model, such as targeted advertising, social media strategies, and restructuring how eCommerce product pages are managed. Read More


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Did you catch that? That was the web and if you already did not know, it is fast. And getting much faster these days as more and more users come online and search engines up the speed on our searching. Think Quarterly: The Speed Issue has some astounding stats to share. In the time it took to read the first page of the report, about 382 Android phones were activated, over a quarter of a million words were blogged on Blogger and two days worth of videos were uploaded on YouTube.

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