Can Small Businesses Swing On Twitter’s Vine?

Have you heard of Vine, the new app from Twitter? It’s a new video sharing app that allows a six-second recording, with sound, that can be added to your Twitter feed. So far it’s only available for the iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad), but if it sparks a new trend an Android app won’t be far behind.

So you’re probably saying that six seconds isn’t a lot of time to relay any kind of information and yes, you can’t report the weather or relate the plot of The Hangover (both vital types of information), but you may be able to use it as another social media tool in your small biz arsenal.

The short timeframe will force you to be more creative with your content. And that’s a good thing. But it also doesn’t have to look like you hired a pro. Bumpy, squeaky and brief can be fun if you do it with enthusiasm.

Just off the top of our heads here are a few things you could do with Vine to add a little bump to your social media outreach.

-Showcase a new employee and task them with a six-second bio. Let customers get to know you. Go easy on the Gangnum style.

-Before and after shots. This could be really great for home improvement/remodelers or decorators. Or anyone who makes a living making things look nicer.

-Onsite and immediate customer raves and praise. Get ’em while they’re hot. A happy customer the instant you make them happy is gold.

-New products, services or other teasers. A series of videos leading up to a launch could be enticing.

-Fun coverage of events, launches, parties, community service outings or even office birthdays.

-Tiny how-to videos of your products or services.

-Create slide shows or even short animated spots.

Vine probably won’t rock your world, but it is another tool in your bag to increase your visibility. A small survey recently revealed that 92% of mobile video viewers share those videos. How well you might incorporate Vine into your marketing is still a wide open space. Some big brands are already embracing it and making short videos to showcase their products. Will you use it? Let us know some ways you can think of to use Vine for your business. Or will you use it at all? Is it simply a passing phase, soon to be soooo 2013?

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