Marketing highlights on advertising your product online during black friday holiday shopping season

Black Friday is unquestionably one of the biggest shopping days in the entire year. Although ostensibly Black Friday is supposed to consist of one day of major sales and savings just after Thanksgiving, over the years it has evolved into the week-long (or more) sales extravaganza as we know it today. Beyond just Black Friday, there are the days leading up to and following the official day. Black Friday is followed by Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, two other big sales events that ride on the coattails of their more famous older brother. With so many businesses and companies taking part in these sales events, the competition to stand out is tougher than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the ways several major companies are making themselves stand out this year through the use of bold design, smart branding, and social media.


Target has built its brand on being the store consumers can turn to for practically anything, from clothing to appliances to last minute gifts. Their look is consistently clean and modern, yet also undeniably whimsical (ever seen a Target commercial?). For Black Friday, their main website page ad is bright and fun and aimed at the whole family.

target ad

It’s also an interactive ad:

target advertisement

Customers can click on the drop-down arrow to see not just one day of Black Friday sales, but 10 days of deals surrounding Black Friday. Each day has a different theme (kitchen items, clothing, food, etc.), which is right on point with Target’s brand of being the store with everything. It gives consumers a calendar to plan out different shopping days and to prepare for which deals they might be interested in, rather than putting everything on a mass sale on one hectic day.


Nordstrom’s brand is sleek and stylish. They are known for carrying designer brands along with trendy lines like Topshop. Their Black Friday ad is simple and classic, with a black background and simple tagline.

black friday ad

Rather than try to create a flashy ad that simply wouldn’t fit their brand, Nordstrom smartly stuck to an understated and simple ad. Nordstrom also expertly uses social media platforms, like Instagram, to do the talking. Leading up to Black Friday, their Instagram posts show beautifully photographed scenes that put all the focus on their high-quality clothing.

nordstrom ad

nordstrom ad

These pictures put the consumer in a cozy, peaceful place away from all the stress and crowds of Black Friday shopping, giving the idea that shopping at Nordstrom will be a much more pleasant experience than other stores.


Sephora took to another social media platform to advertise their Black Friday deals. They used Instagram to post this recognizable image:

instagram ad

Snapchat is quickly becoming a valuable marketing tool, giving brands the ability to reach consumers in a more personal way using both pictures and videos. Using Snapchat to market for Black Friday creates a closer relationship between consumers and companies. Sephora is inserting itself as just another one of our friends sharing in-the-moment videos and photos with us.

What do you think about these marketing and branding strategies companies are using to stand out for Black Friday? One of the most important aspects to take away from these examples is that each company is using its unique brand to its advantage and making use of social platforms that allow new ways to reach consumers with branded images, graphics, and videos. Want to learn more about the importance of branding? Call Turn The Page Online Marketing today at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001.

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