Why You Need a Birthday Email Marketing Campaign

By October 24, 2014Email Marketing
Birthday Marketing

Birthdays put us in a unique state of mind.

We are already happy and we are looking for ways to maximize enjoyment. We are motivated to act and change. We are ready to spend money.

Smart email marketers understand the unique opportunity that the psychological effect of  birthdays can have on current or potential clients and look for ways that their business can benefit from a calculated birthday email marketing campaign.

Building Birthday Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

Take Advantage of “Treat Yo’ Self” Mode

Studies show that birthdays are almost as motivating as New Year’s Day in terms of encouraging consumers to be positive and open to new experiences. This means that clients who haven’t tried your product yet are more likely to do so, and those who have tried your product will also be spurred by extra motivation to buy. Take advantage of your open-minded and motivated birthday client base by giving them an offer with a shorter deadline than you might normally use in your promotions. A clear call to action also works to help you take advantage of your client’s extra motivation.

Surprise and Delight

The most powerful thing that your brand can offer clients in the birthday celebratory phase is a message that supports  and enhances the sense of joyful thrill that they are already experiencing as a result of all of that cake and presents and surprise and positive attention. You certainly don’t have to limit yourself to the stereotypical messages and images associated with birthday (think the standard candles on a cake or wrapped gift). In fact, on a day when the client will likely receive multiple birthday emails from businesses, you can make yours stand out by forgoing very traditional birthday images and messages in favor of more unique content. When creating non-traditional birthday content, the emotion your email should work to invoke is surprise and delight.

Extend the Fun. Stay Top of Mind.

A number of email marketers are experimenting with new techniques to extend the influence of birthday marketing campaigns past once a year. A half-birthday campaign helps your clients recapture the birthday feeling. A random “unbirthday” offer would also be an excellent way to help your clients associate your birthday with unexpected whimsy.

Get the Party Started

Birthday marketing offers your business a unique opportunity to help your clients celebrate with your brand. But a successful birthday marketing campaign takes a lot of planning and effort. That’s where we come in.

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