Take Advantage of Your Online Marketing Summer Slump

June is a month when temperatures heat up and traffic goes down for many businesses. Customers are on vacations, at the pool, or on road trips. Many of them are not, unfortunately, spending money with your business. But smart business owners can use slow summer months to their advantage by changing their online marketing strategy.

Summer is the perfect time to reassess. You finally have time to take a breath–and take a look at your business’s goals, budget, and staffing situation. But most importantly, it is a time to make a change in your online marketing technique, to reevaluate how you deliver content to your customers. If you focus on them instead of on your business, you can keep them engaged even in the slower months.

Make the Switch to Consumer-Centric Content for Online Marketing in the Summer

A Change in Focus

Shift your online marketing focus to engaging with the right client instead of the largest number of clients. There is a lot to be said for quality over quantity in an online marketing campaign. If you attract a large number of users to your page but are unable to convert that traffic into sales, you’ve wasted online marketing dollars. You’re better off thinking about the specific customer who is likely to drop dollars on your product and then tailoring content specifically for her rather than providing content that is too generalized in an attempt to cast a wider net.

Educate Your Customers

Use online marketing strategy to educate your customer about your product. Think about it this way: If a customer has just purchased your product, what does she need to know about it? How can she get more use and enjoyment out of it? You can keep your customers engaged even when they aren’t purchasing from you by offering content that enhances your customer’s experience with the products that they already own. This keeps you top of mind for when they are ready to make a fresh purchase.

Customers First

Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about them. When your business hits the summer slump, you can combat it by producing content that focuses on the customer’s goals rather than your own. Many businesses are so eager to educate their clients about what they do that they produce only product-centric content. While it is important to have product-centric content available to your clients, this kind of online marketing strategy will not keep them engaged. They’ll get the information they need and then they’ll have no reason to return to your site. If you provide content that focuses on entertaining them, educating them, or on solving a problem for them, they are much more likely to keep engaging with your brand and to provide return business.

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