It was official as of March 20, but with the weather finally cooperating and bringing warm temperatures, it now feels real: it’s spring, which means it’s time for spring cleaning.

Sure, this should include tidying up your home and even brightening up your office, but when it comes to small businesses, spring cleaning must also entail examining and adjusting your online marketing strategy.

What exactly does spring cleaning for online marketing involve? Here are the details.

Spring Cleaning: Tackle Your Online Marketing

Clean Up Your Business Listings

Your business’ online marketing presence is only as strong as its foundation. This means that you need a series of online business listings that are thorough and accurate.

Thus, part of your spring cleaning routine should be returning to the business listings you’ve already created and ensuring that they are consistent. Your business name, phone number, address, URL, and service categories should match, and each profile should be as comprehensive as possible. If the listing allows for photos, be sure that all images are updated. If your business has expanded or changed its services, make sure each profile reflects this.

Spruce Up Your Website

Now is also a great time to evaluate your website to determine if a redesign is in order. Depending on how long ago your site was launched, just a little aesthetic tweaking may be in order — updating banners, adding in new images to your product or service galleries, updating your client testimonials, or creating new social media buttons, for example.

But if your current site isn’t functioning well, it’s been years since your last website update, or you want to rebrand your small business, you should consider launching a whole new website.

We compiled a detailed explanation of when to get a new website here — be sure to check it out as your examine your website during your online marketing spring cleaning!

Toss Out What Online Marketing Isn’t Working

Spring cleaning is all about out with the old, in with the new — and this includes components of your overall online marketing strategy. Just as you might sort through your clothing and donate the items that no longer fit, it’s time to get rid of the online marketing components that just aren’t working for you.

This means looking at your hard data or online analytics and measuring your ROI for all aspects of your marketing efforts — including print, radio, television, or online ads, social media campaigns, blogs and content marketing, paid search campaigns, Yellow Page listings, email marketing — if it’s a part of your marketing or advertising plan, it should be under scrutiny.

Make note of what’s working and what’s not. See what you’re paying or what effort you’re expending for each component of your marketing strategy, and determine whether it’s been worth that time or effort. Decide what aspects of your marketing strategy simply need a revised approach, and what aspects could be scrapped completely in favor of others. You’ll notice the change in your budget — and in your leads.

Comprehensive Online Marketing Help

Once you’ve done your online spring cleaning, you might have a pretty hefty to-do list in front of you — and you might need a little help to get it done. Turn The Page Online Marketing offers full online marketing services for your small business, ranging from business listing optimization and paid search management to email marketing, social media marketing, and website development. Let us tackle your online marketing spring cleaning with you — we know you’ll love the results. To get started, contact us online,  call us today at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001, or visit our office in Lee’s Summit.

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