The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook for Business

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Facebook for business has taken the online marketing world by storm. Businesses are learning to take advantage of the audience of 1.65 billion monthly active users that are currently on Facebook. However, using Facebook for business effectively involves more than simply creating a business profile. There are certain things that your business should (and shouldn’t) do in order to ensure that your Facebook page is working to positively promote your business.

The Do’s of Facebook for Business

Do: Keep Information and Posts Timely and Relevant

One of the the most important things to remember with your Facebook for business page is to keep all information accurate and updated. You should have the correct business address, hours, phone number, website and other information so that it’s easy for consumers to find the information they need.

Additionally, the posts you make on your business’s Facebook page should be relevant to your industry or customer base, timely, and either informational or entertaining (or both!).

Do: Be Responsive

There’s a reason we call it “social media” — the whole point of Facebook is to interact with others online. If you’re not responding to comments and reviews that consumers leave on your business’s Facebook page, consumers will automatically have a reason to think that your business has bad customer service. Take a few minutes at the beginning or end of each day to review and respond to any new comments customers have made in relation to your Facebook for business page. This way, you can connect to your customers and help resolve any negative experiences they may be writing about online.

Do: Make a Strategic Posting Plan

Create a Facebook posting plan to ensure that your business’s page is regularly updated with timely and appropriate posts, no matter how busy you are. There are several tools that can help you achieve this. Using websites like Sendible and Buffer can help you to schedule out planned posts weeks or even months in advance and then review those posts again before they are published.

Do: Experiment with A/B Testing

A/B testing will allow you to optimize all Facebook ads and posts. Use A/B testing to see which ad method works best, whether your testing different images, wording or targeted audiences. Plus, this will help your business save money with Facebook ads by making them more cost efficient.

Using A/B testing for your business’s Facebook posts is also a smart idea. This will help you figure out which types of posts and which posting times and days elicit the best response from consumers in terms of impressions, likes and comments.

facebook postThe Don’ts of Facebook for Business

Don’t: Let Go of Branding

You should treat your Facebook for business page just like you treat any other marketing materials. The profile and cover images should be coordinated and branded with your business’s colors, fonts and logo. Keep all posts in line with the brand image that you want your business to project, and make sure the “about” section of the business profile reflects your business’s history and brand as well.

Don’t: Ignore Facebook Insights

Don’t make the mistake of thinking if you simply keep your Facebook for business page updated and make regular posts that it will be an effective marketing tool for your business. It’s a little bit more complicated than that. In order to truly take advantage of all that Facebook for business can offer, make sure to utilize the Facebook Insights feature. This feature helps you see which posts perform the best and how consumers are interacting with your page in order to improve.

Don’t: Buy Likes

Never, I repeat, never buy likes for your business page. Buying likes will fill your business profile with a fake audience that won’t interact or engage with your page, which is the whole point of having a Facebook page in the first place. It’s also a waste of money because it won’t get your business any real sales leads, and it may even put off real potential customers if they realize that many of your Facebook for business page likes are fake accounts.

Don’t: Post Too Often

Studies have shown that posting just once or twice a day results in more engagement than posting more or less often. Businesses that post only a couple times per day get an average 73% more comments and 32% more likes than businesses that post more than that. The point is that you don’t want your business page’s posts to become like spam to consumers. If you post too often, consumers are more likely to get annoyed and unfollow your page. So, while it is important to post regularly on your Facebook for business page, make sure not to go overboard.


How do You Use Facebook for Business?

Do you have other methods that help make your business’s Facebook page a successful marketing tool? Share with us in the comments below. Feel free to contact our social media marketing experts today if you’re looking for help managing your Facebook for business page.

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