What Online Marketers Can Learn From Kansas City Sports

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KC Sports

At Turn the Page Online Marketing, we are an unlikely group of sports fans. We’re a frankly kind of nerdy band of web designers, account executives, writers and managers who you would probably never picture spending much time at Arrowhead, Kauffman or Sporting Park.

But you’d be wrong, because we freaking love Kansas City sports.

What we’ve learned in the past few weeks from our Royals and Chiefs is that the teams we root for are kind of like us as a company. They don’t win games like most teams; we don’t succeed in online marketing like most companies.

So how do they (and we) do it?

How to Win at Online Marketing Kansas City Style

Sports and Marketing

Remember that you don’t have to play like everyone else.

Both the Royals and Chiefs are often accused of playing small ball. Ned Yost and the bunting. Alex Smith refusing to throw the ball more than 10 yards. Not exactly the type of exciting play that comes to mind when you think of championship teams. But guess what? It works. The same lesson applies to online marketing. Your campaign does not have to look like everyone else’s. You can play the game differently and still win. Trust us, we do it all the time.

Show your personality.

Even if it’s weird. Salvador Perez and his Instagram prank war on Lo Cain. Travis Kelce and whatever the “Shmoney Dance” is. Kansas City teams show major quirk on and off the field. And guess what? It makes them more human and way more lovable to their already rabid fans, encouraging us to scream a little louder and support the team a little harder. Online marketers can benefit from getting weird, too. Weird sells (just ask BuzzFeed)! Injecting a little quirk when creating an marketing campaign helps you stand out and helps endear you to your clients.

Never ever ever give up.

Churchill said it, but Kansas City teams live and die by it. The Royals came from so far behind so many times and endured tense extra innings so often that we almost forget that a lot of other teams would have gotten tired and given up. And the centerpiece of the Chiefs running game, Jamaal Charles is never-say-die attitude in a red jersey. Blisters that turned his feet to hamburger, a devastating ACL tear,and a high ankle sprain could not keep Jamaal from running through the record books. That type of tenacity is exactly what you need to succeed in online marketing. Just when things are getting tough is when you need to keep going if you want to win. That’s the attitude you must have if you want to thrive in today’s competitive market.

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