Entering a New Year: Are You Reinvesting in Online Marketing Strategy Properly?

As we enter a new year, there are undoubtedly many thoughts on your mind as a small business owner. You’re probably penning your 2014 business resolutions, dreaming of your hopes for the growth of your venture, and finalizing your upcoming budget. But as you look forward to the new year ahead, it’s key to not forget to look back.

A new year is the perfect time to reflect on the investments you made in 2013, particularly your marketing efforts. After all, if the marketing efforts you made in the past aren’t producing the ROI you need, why would you copy your marketing strategies in the new year?

At Turn The Page, we believe that all marketing efforts, including online marketing strategies, should be examined, evaluated, and adjusted often, and the new year presents a great time for small businesses to pause and consider what changes might produce better results. Here are some tips for reflecting on your 2013 marketing efforts to ensure that you reinvest properly in the new year!

Online Marketing: Reflecting & Reinvesting for the New Year

Review Your Conversion Trackers & Analytics

When it comes to online marketing, it’s key that you have conversion trackers and analytics programs in place for each platform — and that you actually use these tools when creating your marketing plan for the new year. Your conversion trackers will provide real quantitative data — like the number of pageviews, clickthroughs, form entries, and more for your website, Facebook page, paid search campaign, and more.

You can use this data to analyze the success of each online marketing strategy — so you’ll know which campaigns require more time, money, and adjustments. If your website is the weak link in your online marketing strategy, refocus more energy and resources on improving its design, content, keyword targeting, and more. If your paid search campaign is holding steady, consider keeping it the same, then continuously evaluating its effectiveness as the new year progresses.

Follow the Money

Your analytics and conversion data can’t be all that you use to determine the direction of your online marketing in the new year. After all, pageviews and shares are great, but they don’t always translate to a better bottom line. You should also look back on the sales you made in the past year to determine what strategies provided the best ROI. If you invested a lot of money in one platform — email marketing, for example — but didn’t see many sales from it, it’s time to consider what made the campaign unsuccessful. Were you too inconsistent in your emails? Did you fail to segment your leads or existing customers properly? The start of the new year is the perfect time to take a breath and reconsider strategies. You shouldn’t give up on the online marketing strategies that aren’t working for you unless you determine that you are doing your best — and that those avenues simply aren’t optimal for your small business.

Ask Your Sales Team

As the new year rolls around, your sales team is also a great resource to reflect on your past online marketing efforts. Your team should know what avenues generated the most leads and which ones left the phones silent. Discuss what they feel worked best about the past year and what strategies need tweaking for the new year.

Consult an Online Marketing Expert

Sometimes, you need an outside eye to evaluate your online marketing efforts and determine what strategies deserve a continued investment in the new year. It makes sense for your small business to partner with an online marketing expert like Turn The Page. We’ll work with you to analyze your existing marketing strategy or create an entirely new one for the new year.

Ready to commit to an effective online marketing strategy this new year? Call Turn The Page today at (816) 527-8371.

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