When is it Time to Get a New Website?


As we’ve said before, your website can be the most valuable asset in your business’ marketing toolkit — but that’s only if it’s a website to be proud of.

You would never use the same print ad or commercial for years on end. Nor would you employ the same sales tactics as your industry evolves or more competitors arrive on the scene. Just like other aspects of your small business need to be monitored and adjusted as time goes on, so does your website. And we’re not just talking about website optimization — we also mean creating an entirely new website when called for.

How do you know when it’s time to get a new website? Here are a few guidelines to help you decide.

Do You Need a New Website? Yes, If…

You’re Rebranding

If you’re rolling out new branding for your small business, it’s imperative that you keep that branding consistent across all platforms — print or television ads, business cards, pos
ters, direct mail, and especially your social media accounts and your new website. Using your old website and just tweaking the logo won’t cut it — when you’re debuting a new you, your website should be the face of that transformation.

Your Current Website is Unresponsive

A website doesn’t cut it if it’s unresponsive on any internet browser or on mobile devices. Why does this situation demand a new website? Consumers like to have a small business’ information right at their fingertips, and they will only grow frustrated if they can’t easily access the website. That will equal a higher bounce rate and fewer leads.

Your Current Website is Hard to Navigate

Do you have trouble finding content on your current website? If that’s the case, imagine how hard it must be for your potential clients or customers! If your website is difficult to search or navigate, a new website is in order. Not only does an unnavigable website detract from the user experience, it probably also affects your search engine placement. Search engines love websites that are logically constructed, with important content areas clearly highlighted. If you can’t say these things about your domain, it’s time for a new website!

new websiteYour Website Design is Outdated

Looks don’t mean everything — but they are pretty essential when it comes to determining if you need a new website. An outdated-looking website reflects poorly on your business, making you look less legitimate than competitors and suggesting that you can’t afford an upgrade. Your new website can better catch and keep your customers’ attention with an up-to-date, aesthetically-pleasing design.

You Can’t Update Your Website

If you don’t have the ability to easily update your current web space with new products, services, or specials, then it’s time to upgrade to a new website. Even if you’re not an internet-wiz, you should be able to make simple changes to your website. If your current host or website-builder insists that you make all changes through them, you should seriously consider going for a new website — after all, what happens when you need to fix something fast, and they don’t make adjustments in a timely manner? As a small business owner, you deserve complete content control when it comes to your website — so make sure any new website grants you this.

You’re Bringing in More Revenue

Hopefully, your business is making more money now than it did when you first got a website. Why not reinvest some of that income back into your business in the form of a new website? Building a fresh site is always a smart choice, as search engines (and searchers) favor fresh, eye-catching content. If you work with the right web development team, you can achieve a great ROI when you purchase a new website.

Get a Killer New Website Today: Call Turn The Page.

Were any (or all) of the above statements true about your current website? If so, it’s time to get a new website, stat — and you’ll need a skilled web development team you can trust, like Turn The Page Online Marketing. We specialize in WordPress, custom, and mobile website design, as well as e-commerce web development. We offer complete content control and user training on all of our websites, and we can even provide website hosting services.

To learn more about getting a new website with Turn The Page, contact us or call (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 today!

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