Hummingbird — So Quick It Arrived a Month Ago!

Google waited for its 15th birthday before announcing a move it made a month ago.  The Hummingbird algorithm change affects 90% of websites.  Speaking from the garage in Menlo Park where it all started, Google’s senior VP of search, Amit Singhal, announced Hummingbird to a group of reporters.

One More Step Forward

For 15 years, Google has striven to provide search results that magically responded to a query online.  With the latest change, they hope to match our thirst for knowledge.

Given the advance of the Knowledge Graph and Google Now, it appears that much of this update facilitates the advanced features of theses search tools. We doubt this will be the last update to the algorithm.

Our expectations from a search engine continue to evolve and that means more complex queries.  More complex queries means more complex results. With Knowledge Graph, Google is attempting to define the true meaning of our query by providing a range of additional information we maybe interested in.

Their choice of Hummingbird is interesting.

You need to be able to flit about like a Hummingbird to actually take advantage of the direction Google is taking search.

I, for one, really wonder if we have the time for all the information Google is preparing to unload on us when we search.

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  • Voice&DataSystemsInc says:

    It is interesting that they chose to name this update Hummingbird. Especially since the products before were Penguin and Panda which come to mind as cuddly, but can be fierce…

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