How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice for Your Business

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How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice for Your Business

Branding is an essential part of any business. Why? What your brand represents can greatly influence how consumers see your business and if they are willing to spend money on your products or services. An established brand garners more respect and authority and, as a result, more business. However, failing to keep your branding strong and consistent can lead to confused consumers and reduced industry authority. Follow these tips to make sure that your branding is always on point.

Keep a Brand Folder

So, you have your brand colors, logo, fonts and tone all set up.* That’s great! The simple use of a branded color has been shown to increase brand recognition by up to 80% — an awesome place to start. However, in order to ensure that all brand materials are used effectively and consistently, it’s important to keep them all in one place that is easy for all team members to access. For example, use a Google Drive folder to hold all important branding materials so that all members of your team can access and use them whenever they need to.

*If you don’t have all your branding materials set up, trust us: creating a strong brand image and voice is something you should not put on the backburner! Learn more about the importance of branding here.

Color Increases Brand Recognition by 80%Train Team Members on Brand Consistency

One big part of ensuring brand consistency is making sure that all team members are trained on your business’s centralized marketing strategy and branding materials. You simply cannot expect all employees to understand the necessity of staying on brand, or how to do so effectively, without the proper training. You may find it helpful to create a training document explaining why it is important to use your business’s branded materials in all official and instructing employees on how to do so.

Keep a Strategic Editorial Calendar

An effective editorial calendar will help you plan out things like blogs and social media posts, which are a big part of maintaining your brand’s voice. Keeping an editorial calendar will also help you utilize special days or holidays for content, while hopefully avoiding major mishaps like these. By putting ideas on an editorial calendar before making them public, you have a chance to review all ideas and posts in order to make sure that nothing inappropriate or off-brand gets posted.

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Utilize Helpful Tools

Managing different social media accounts, blogs and team members, on top of everyday business concerns, can get overwhelming, which is why we encourage businesses to take advantage of the myriad of cost-effective, and even free, online tools out there. Instead of doing all your Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts, save time by using social media posting platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer or Sendible. With these tools, you can connect all your business’s social media accounts to one place where it’s easy to plan and schedule out posts in advance.

Looking for ways to get organized? When it comes to keeping an editorial calendar, Trello can be a real life saver. This tool allows you to create multiple boards, with lists and cards within those boards, which makes organizing your editorial calendar and to-do list much easier. These useful tools will help you keep track of what your team is doing and make sure that all content is on-brand.


How do you ensure that your team stays brand-consistent with all content and social media? Share with us in the comments below! Our digital marketing team is passionate about helping businesses develop strong branding and a positive online presence. Contact us today!


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How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice for Your Business

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