Harnessing the Power of Nostalgia for Your Brand

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Living in the past as an individual? Not so great.

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Living in the past as a brand? It seems to be working.

Every week, there’s a new reboot announced — the upcoming female-centric Ghostbusters, Netflix’s Fuller HouseJumanji 2.0, even reboots of reboots like the new Spiderman franchise — and over and over, consumers are abuzz, whether they’re excited or outraged at the thought of someone rehashing their favorite film or TV show.

Nothing seems to capture the attention of consumers like these appeals to nostalgia, resulting in increased social media engagement and word-of-mouth. So how can you, as a business owner, leverage nostalgia in your own marketing?

Nostalgia as Marketing: a Win for Your Business

Triggering Fond Memories

Nostalgia brings out the social side of people, making them more inclined to share and discuss your marketing organically. Essentially, if you tap into nostalgia in the right way, you leverage your consumer base as marketers. People will share your content on social media, roping their contacts into the conversation to reminisce.

[bctt tweet=”A little #TBT can help you go viral. See why tapping into nostalgia = strong marketing.”]

man with surge energy drinkMarketing pieces with an element of nostalgia have more potential to get great organic mileage — even go viral.

Just consider Coca-Cola’s September 2014 re-launch of Surge, the yellow-green citrus soda that first made middle
schoolers go nuts in the ’90s. After a deluge of requestes to bring back the drink from online fans, the brand acquired and garnered nearly 150,000 Facebook likes in return.

When pulled off correctly, a throwback can turn customers into cheerleaders for your brand — a major win for any business!

Place Your Brand in a Happy Context

When you bring nostalgia into your marketing, you also align your brand with your consumer. People appreciate it when brands are in on the joke. Putting your business in the conversation alongside their favorite throwback items only makes your brand stronger by association.

With millenials representing nearly 33% of the U.S. population and contributing $200 billion in annual buying power, placing your brand in conversations these consumers are having becomes more essential.

girl saying how rudeBut Remember — Be Authentic

In the age of #TBT, there’s nothing worse than throwing back to something in a way that’s more promotional that nostalgic. People hate hate hate it when brands try to insert themselves into conversations inauthentically.

When debating whether to bring up that ’90s sitcom or reference those ’80s lyrics, then, it’s best to consider how related the nostalgic topic is to your business. Tip: if you’re worried that invoking a beloved cultural reference won’t ring true to your followers, chances are, it won’t. Most fans have one thing in common: they’ll unify to cast out those who aren’t “true fans” — including your brand — so make sure you tread lightly.

Let’s Reminisce Together!

Here at TTP, we love a good #TBT — you should hear our Pandora stations 😉 Better yet, we know how your business can inject some nostalgia into your marketing without coming off as inauthentic. Let us helm your social media, content marketing, and digital brand strategy and you’ll see positive results as consumers jump in the conversation.

To get started, call (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 today!

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