Apple Unveils iOS 7…And Controversy

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The new iOS update has arrived, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year for iPhone and iPad users…or is it? Apple unveiled its latest features last week, and some people are less than impressed. Apple is calling iOS 7, set to be released this fall, the “biggest change” since the original iPhone was introduced to the public. But are these changes too similar to other current operating systems and apps on the market?

Home Screen

Apple has decided to completely revamp the visual aspects of the iPhone. Home screen icons are now bolder, and the “slide to view” feature is now gone. In fact, the lock screen looks strikingly similar to Android’s.

Notification Center

Aside from the visual changes, the control center gives you access to several features like Wi-Fi, airplane mode, flashlight, and more.


Many people are comparing the new Mail app to an existing one called Mailbox due to the new swipe features.


Users have been asking for multitasking features for a while, and now they’ll get them. The option is being compared to WebOS developed by Palm.


A new flipping card-tab overview is similar to that in Google Chrome for iOS and Android. Safari will also now offer full-screen browsing, and searches can be performed in the address bar.


Siri now has new voices with a flat new interface, and the voice system can control new functions like brightness and playing back voicemails.


iOS 7 will include a new iTunes Radio player to match streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.


Users have been asking for a way to organize photos by date and location. Photowerks, a 99-cent app, was developed to do just that. Less than a month later Apple announced a new option called Moments as a part of the new update, and it does the exact same thing as Photowerks.

What do you think? Do you like the new designs and changes, or are they too similar to other apps and systems? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Google Now- Now Available for iOS

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Google Now- Google’s predictive search service- is now available to iPhone and iPad users. Google Now has been available for Android devices since last summer and has gone from its early stages to possibly shear genius since then. The way it has evolved in just the last year leads us to believe desktop users may even be using Google Now sooner than later.

How does Google Now work?

Google Now gathers your personal information and provides you with information “cards”. Based on the information it has gathered, Google Now searches for what it believes to be information you need or would like at the time. To determine these searches, Google Now pulls information from:

  • Your current location and your location history

  • Your Google searches

  • Your gmail account and flight or hotel confirmations sent to your email account

  • Events on your Google calendar

  • Google+ contacts and birthdays

  • Companies listed in your Google Finance portfolio

With information from these sources, in combination with public information such as news and traffic for example, Google Now comes up with answers before you ask the question.

Google Now Information Cards

The information provided to you through Google Now is displayed using cards. Examples of these cards include: Weather, Traffic, Sports Info, Stocks, Packages, Boarding Passes, Public Transit, Birthdays, Appointments, and many more. As you can see, Google Now needs access to your accounts and your location to be able to work its magic.

Let’s say you searched for the score to the Royals game last night. Google Now has now qualified you as a Royals fan (Go Blue!) and that info will now be provided in the cards without you having to do a search.

Google Now for Desktop?

Though Google hasn’t said, we believe that it makes sense for Google Now to begin to appear on our desktops where many searches are also being made. Perhaps we’ll even see a transformation in the Google homepage soon. In the meantime, Android users can update their device via Google Play to use Google Now. For iOS users, download or upload the Google Search App via the App store.

So what’s the catch? The only thing that could make Google Now inaccurate or not helpful is for those who don’t use Google products for email or search. For Google Now to work properly, it needs access to your information and location.

My advice- Get Google Now.. now. If iPhone users haven’t already, it may be time to leave Safari and Siri in the dust.