Why Your Business Needs a Blog — Now

Why Your Small Business Should be Blogging

Most of us know by now that blogging is a useful tool for SEO. Not only does regular blogging give Google something new to index, but it is also one of the least expensive ways to start seeing results. With pretty minimal effort (300 words a week is pretty reasonable, even for you non-writers out there) you can enjoy pretty substantial results.

The Robust Benefits of Blogging for Businesses


But smart business owners know that there is value in blogging beyond the SEO results. The effects that a well-written blog can have on your business are both impressive and long-lasting.

1. Blogs establish the voice of your brand. You’d be amazed by how much sass you can cram into a 300 word blog post, if that’s what you’re shooting for. Blogs help your brand stand out by defining the voice and personality of your business — often more clearly than any other marketing materials can and certainly for a better price. And quality content keeps them coming back for more, which helps to keep your brand top of mind.

2. Blogs help to establish long term client relationships. Blogging provides your reader/customer with high-quality content that amuses them, inspires them or teaches them something. Providing this type of resource for free for your clients makes them more likely to engage with your brand — and more likely to pay you back for your efforts by purchasing from your business.

3. Blogs create opportunities for your customers to share. Blogs give customers who are already a fan of your business a chance to share the things they like about you with friends, family and coworkers on social media. This gives you a better opportunity to spread your message and attract more clients.

High-Quality Blogging Services

Writing your own blog is fun! Really! You don’t look convinced. If you’re not as passionate about blogging as the members of our Digital Content Creation Department, you could always let them do the hard part for you… Turn the Page is excited to partner with you to achieve your online marketing goals. Call (816) 527-8371 to talk to one of our online marketing experts today.

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