Beat Out the Competition With Speedy Mobile 1st Websites

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Did you know that 40% of web users will abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load? You’ve probably done this yourself. In a culture where we need everything now, on our phones, within a few seconds, it is becoming mandatory for sites to be mobile responsive if they want to stay afloat in the digital ocean. Luckily for you, Turn The Page is always on the cutting edge and we proudly offer beautiful mobile-first website design.

Let’s take a quick look at what a mobile-first site can do for you and how we set them up.

Mobile-First Website Design

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking

Getting a leg up on the competition is as easy as developing a mobile-first site. Two years ago, Google released a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that was designed boost SEO on mobile-friendly sites in Google’s search results. Currently, Google is just about to roll out a mobile-first index. This means that the search engine will rank its listings based the mobile versions, even for those listings shown on desktops. Turn The Page’s mobile-first site designs always adhere to Google’s regulations so you can get the best results while maintaining full site functionality and aesthetics.

Responsive Design, High Compatibility

On average, 60% of all online traffic comes from mobile phones. So, the way these sites are designed is simple: mobile first, tablet second, and desktop third. All of our mobile-first websites are designed and developed responsively. However, every website looks and functions differently based on the browser used to view it. Our websites are compatible with the latest three mobile and desktop versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Only the latest two mobile versions and latest desktop version of Safari will be compatible with Turn The Page websites. We build the websites at the minimum size of 480p x 320p for mobile phones to accommodate the largest number of devices.

How the Process Works

You, the client, provide six sites that you really like — three from within your industry and three outside of the industry. Our web development gurus will design a mobile and desktop design based on the feedback you provide about website preferences. We will meet with the client for a one-hour Design Consultation. Once the designs are approved, a secondary page will be designed for our development team’s use only. Every site is built so the top four or five services are listed “above the fold” as buttons, making customer navigation easy. All sites are tested in the versions of the major browsers listed in the previous section, and we will not support any issues in other browsers, or in older versions of these browsers.

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