An X-Men Interpretation: How a Small Business Can Stand Against Big Guys

x-men-comic book with text an x-men interpretation how a small business can stand against big guys

When an entrepreneur sets up their new business, their goal isn’t necessarily to be a corporate giant like Walmart or Apple; it’s because they recognize that there is something the behemoths have missed. Although the majority of businesses start for this reason, it is easy for owners to get caught in the vortex of competition or, more aptly, trying to become the competition.One thing that the big guys don’t do is market specifically. Their brand is already very well-known and they don’t need to take the special care to market to all of the demographics out there. To steal customers away, it will take a lot of time and effort to add the value needed.

So, think about a giant business as an entire team of X-Men trying to defend a group of gifted youngsters from being taken away to join the Brotherhood. How could you ever hope to fend them off in a battle, all those different powers working together to keep you away? Let’s find out.

Use Your Knowledge

Possibly the greatest disadvantage of big corporations is the absolute a lack of personalization. Their job is to appeal to everyone, if their responses on corporate social media account are superficial or standard, try offering an in-depth response along with a way to reach you via email, phone, etc. People like to feel special and see others being treated uniquely as well, this is why niche businesses and some big fast food chains are so popular — they give helpful and sometimes funny or clever responses that make people notice them.

Large businesses easily overlook the peoples’ needs because the more rungs on the ladder the further down the people who actually communicate with the customers are. This is an advantage to the little guys because the owners are still interacting with their own customers; that’s first-hand knowledge of who they are and what they want.

Think about who your customers are. Are they teenagers trying to be retro? Older men that want to find their youth? Young newlyweds/homeowners that want clever little items for their life ahead? Maybe bored stay at home parents trying to find a fun bit of inspiration?

*One thing that the Brotherhood is really good at is knowing who their demographic is and appealing to them. They look for the misfits and those that want to stand up against to big boys. The X-Men just go around trying to recruit every mutant they can, so those mutants that are skeptical will look elsewhere for someone that makes them feel special, not just like one of a group.

Gather Advocates

As with pretty much anything else, it’s all about who you know. Chances are you are connected with other companies, business owners, charities, organizations, etc. Finding one or two advocates that can work with you or champion your business will boost you right away. This is influencer marketing, which can sound like a cheat out of context because it really works.

Think of it like when you go in for a job interview with no connections at the business but your competition happens to know a mid-level employee that highly recommends them for the position. It’s easier for a business to hire them than take a chance on you.

If your interests align with those of your endorser, odds are they know people even higher up who could possibly become your advocate as well. If your influencers are popular on social media, they could potentially turn your business into an overnight must-have.

*There is always a way to stand a chance in battle. Professor X and his team are notorious, they don’t need influencers. Mystique relies on her influencer, Magneto, to help out. However, the Professor doesn’t let the youngsters have a say until it all comes to a head. He won’t let them fight and when all hands are on deck, those kids are overlooked.


It’s hard for large businesses to adapt to changes in the market but, a small business owner can easily see something that’s fluctuated, inform employees, and figure out the best way to adapt. Changing the direction of the company in a single meeting, for a big business it could take months to coordinate, inform, and train everyone. No corporate Goliath can beat that kind of flexibility. So, your influencers can do more than just promote you, they can help you with setbacks and help you find those flaws in the system.

*So, while Magento battles the X-Men, Mystique changes form and slips up behind them, taking the young mutants with her.


Take advantage of every opportunity you can and don’t underestimate anyone or any business. You never know, it could eventually turn into one of those times when the Brotherhood and the X-Men fight side-by-side.

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