A Unique Domain Name Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

people looking at phone and tablet with text a unique domain name can drive traffic to your website

In this digital economy, ecommerce websites really need to be creative and unique to generate traffic (and stand out from the competition) in the most cost-effective way. Long-standing brick and mortar retailers have added their products to the growing list of ecommerce websites. Online shopping is so hugely popular that places like Amazon, that sells anything you could need and deliver it to your door quickly and sometimes for free, eclipse the little guys that are struggling for their footing on the rocky climb to search engine relevance.  

Small businesses have small budgets and while SEO strategy is an important piece to success, that alone will not bring in the customers you want. You cannot guarantee that just because your site name comes up on the first page of search that it will lead to a purchase or future purchase.

The Big Guys Are Starting a Trend

Isn’t everyone a “.com”? Creating a customized domain name has become popular in the last couple of years thanks to popular companies like Taco Bell (ta.co) and Drift Away Coffee (driftaway.coffee). Shortening a long or boring site name to more aptly describe your business will help sell your site through search, especially on a mobile platform because it looks much cleaner and gives people the impression that your business is modern (which it will be with a sweet mobile site.)

sPring Sale!Imagine you own a candle business called (Un)Common Scents (get it? like, common sense). Say your original url is www.uncommonscentscandles.com. That’s really long and not nice looking. All you need to do is chop it down a little: uncommon.scents; it tells people right away that it’s unique. If you were worried people wouldn’t understand it was candles, well generally, SEO would take care of that bit, but something like uncommon.candles is an equally as unique and enticing domain name.

Not All Non-.Com Domains Are Good

Beware of using uncommon top-level domains (TLDs) like .info, .cc, .ws, and .name, as well as using hyphens, because they are typical spam indicators. Gravitating towards something generic like .company is also ill-advised, soon it will be just as unremarkable as .com or .net.

Go Local (if possible)

If you are outside of the US or in certain US cities you can easily get your site high in the search engine rankings by using a ccTLD like .ca, .nz, .berlin, .nyc, etc. because those spaces aren’t nearly as cluttered as the .com space. Be careful of going local though and know what your TLD stand for before registering it. Your Delaware Woodside Inn will not have good results with a woodside.de domain name because .de is the ccTLD for Germany (Deutschland).

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