4 LinkedIn Hacks You Need to Know

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LinkedIn can be one of the most effective tools in your networking arsenal if you know how to use it. Many professionals don’t have time to catch up with every change on LinkedIn, so here’s a list of what you absolutely need to know to get the most out of your LinkedIn experience: 

Get Ahead with These LinkedIn Features

1. Personalize Your Connection Requests

Professionals who want to want to be unforgettable and clinch the introduction should use this important feature when reaching out. A personalized request can be the difference between someone choosing “Accept” or “Ignore.”  Every request you make that shows your unique style and drive can be one step closer to a new connection.

2. Explore Potential Opportunities

LinkedIn offers a profile view tracker that lets you see who recently looked at your page.  If you have a LinkedIn Premium subscription, the site will show you views from the last 90 days, the popular job title of the people who check out your page, and the search terms used to find you.  Use this tool to market yourself to prospectives, or to discover a job title you hadn’t yet considered.

3. Save Your Searches for Later

Using LinkedIn’s Advanced Search does more than let you dig deeper; you can save successful search terms to get alerts when people match those terms. The number of searches you can save depends on your membership levels, but LinkedIn will send you a summary email every week with new profiles that match your terms.

4. Avoid Giving Business to Your Competitors

When prospectives look at your profile, they may also be seeing your competitors. There is a sidebar on LinkedIn titled “People Also Viewed” that shows anyone looking at your profile who they can look at next. This gives people looking at your profile a list of your competitors to check out next. You can turn this feature off in your Privacy Settings so that you stay the main focus when someone lands on your page.

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