3 Website Design Problems That Need to Go Away

By September 25, 2014Website Design

At Turn the Page Online Marketing, we have a crack team of website developers who are keep abreast of the latest trends in website design in order to give our clients a site that is sleek, functional, and above all, tasteful.

Not everyone has access to a team of edgy website wizards like we do–and their websites can suffer for it.

Today, let’s call out the worst website design trend offenses so they can go away forever and make the internet a prettier place.

Why Website Design Matters

For many business owners, the finer points of website design seem like minor details that couldn’t possibly have much impact on your bottom line. But dated, unattractive website design tells your clients that you do not have attention to detail and suggests that your company is behind the times–not good when you’re fighting to keep your business relevant in an increasingly competitive market.

Tasteless Typography

We remember how much fun it was to play around with different fonts in Word when you were a kid. But that doesn’t mean comic sans has any place on your professional website. Even worse is the website that cannot seem to decide on typography, so they choose to use a mixture of many different awful fonts.

Font choice may seem like a minor detail, but it has a massive impact on the way your site looks. Based on years of experience, we can tell you that typography risks rarely pay off. We’ve seen things we can’t unsee, like an entire website in italics. And we can’t even.

Trying Too Hard

It’s nice that you have a unlimited options when it comes to website design. But you probably don’t need to use all of them on your website. Particularly low on our designer’s list: flashing text, animations that never stop and text in all caps. We know it is important to get your client’s attention, but a website that pulls out all the stops to get noticed visually can exhaust your visitors. Take a cue from Apple and Google and keep your site simple.

Taking Too Long to Load

The most dangerous thing that your website can do to your business is to take too long to load. If your website is even 250 milliseconds slower to load than your competition’s site, you’ll lose visitors and business. So no matter how carefully edited and inspiring your site is, your efforts won’t matter if your website design makes your loading times sluggish.

How Bad Is Your Site? We Can Fix It.

If you’re guilty of any of these website sins. don’t be sad. Our designers are admittedly a little quirky, but they can help.¬†Turn the Page Online Marketing¬†loves making the web more beautiful, one site at a time. Let us show you how a website makeover could revolutionize your business. Call (816) 527-8371 to talk to one of our online marketing experts today.


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