5 Great Online Sources of Inspiration for Copywriters

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A good copywriter is always searching for new ideas, unique angles, and tools and tricks to refine his or her writing prowess. Copywriters often juggle many different assignments over a variety of topics at once. Sometimes these topics fill us with inspiration and the words come pouring out. Other times, not so much. We all hit mental roadblocks in our writing or are required to write about topics that are, to be frank, downright dull. In these cases, the Internet can be your best friend if you know where to look for inspiration. These five websites are like a shot of caffeine to a writer’s brain to help get those words flowing once again.

Power Thesaurus

Do you ever feel like you keep repeating the same words over and over? (Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.) In that case, Power Thesaurus will help infuse some fresh verbiage into your writing. Power Thesaurus is like a thesaurus, except it’s way better. It gives you a whole community of other writers to help you find the best words for what you are trying to say. Individuals in the Power Thesaurus community suggest synonyms and antonyms for basically every imaginable English word, and the community votes thumbs up or thumbs down, ranking which words are the top pairs for each other.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s handy blog topic generator is a lifesaver for coming up with interesting blog topics for copywriters, especially when you need to write a high volume of blogs in a short amount of time. Even for the most interesting subjects it can be difficult to find, say, 12 unique blog topics to write about in the span of a few weeks. And for subjects that don’t really interest you at all? Summoning up truly engaging and unique blogs can feel practically impossible after expending all your creative energy on writing the first few. The blog topic generator at Hubspot simply prompts you to type in three keywords and then it comes up with several suggestions that you may never have thought of before.


Factbrowser is another resource for content ideas. Say you have a topic that you need to write about, but can’t figure out an engaging angle. Factbrowser allows you to browse through statistics and facts for a variety of topics, which often will reveal a new and interesting direction in which to take your latest blog or article. For example, if you’re stuck on what to write about mobile apps, this statistic gives an intriguing angle: “34% of mobile app developers say they have been cheated by customer acquisition companies.” Cheating?! What a scandal! (You get the idea).

Idiom Dictionary

The Idiom Dictionary, like the Power Thesaurus, helps when the cat’s got your tongue (see what I did there?). While sometimes idioms become dreaded cliches, they can also infuse a sense of fun and personality into your writing. Plus, the Idiom Dictionary has a lot of idioms that many people have never heard of. Simply type in a word and a long list of idioms will appear to inspire you.

The Oatmeal

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a writing resource. The Oatmeal is a comics website created by Matthew Inman, a talented cartoonist. His comics range from whimsical (“A cat’s reaction to a laser pointer“) to hilariously sarcastic (“Should you buy a selfie stick?“). He also has some truly genius cartoons about grammar that any copywriter will appreciate. This is a website best used sparingly, as it can be a dangerous slippery slope to wasting hours looking at cat comics if you’re not careful. However, his farcical comics often provide the perfect inspiration for original content with a high dose of humor.

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