10 Tips on Writing Engaging Facebook Marketing Posts

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While Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm can make sharing on Facebook frustrating, having your content seen on Facebook is not impossible. You just need to create a good amount of engagement. Here are ten great ways to do so.

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing Tip #1. Create Quality Content

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People will naturally like, comment on and share posts that they find interesting or useful and ignore posts that provide no value.

Facebook Marketing Tip #2. Follow the 80/20 Rule

If all you ever do is talk about yourself, no one will listen. Eighty percent of your posts should be others’ useful content, and only 20 percent should be self-promotional.

Facebook Marketing Tip #3. Include a Photo

Facebook posts with photos are more noticeable, and they tend to do better in terms of views and engagement.

Facebook Marketing Tip #4. Ask a Question

If you ask an interesting or controversial question, people will be drawn to answer it. Give people something to say.

Facebook Marketing Tip #5. Engage with Your Fans

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If you don’t bother reading or replying to your fans, they aren’t just going to talk into space. Engagement goes both ways.

Facebook Marketing Tip #6. Post at Peak Times

Figure out when people are online and post then. If you post when everyone is sleeping or busy working, no one will be around to engage.

Facebook Marketing Tip #7. Get Personal

Let people get to know the real people behind your company, not just the latest products you have for sale.

Facebook Marketing Tip #8. Include Hashtags

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While hashtags aren’t as popular for Facebook marketing as they are for Twitter, using a few appropriately placed hashtags can put your message in front of a larger audience.

Facebook Marketing Tip #9. Include a Call to Action

If you want people to comment, like or share, tell them to!

Facebook Marketing Tip #10. Find Out What Works for Your Audience

Every customer base wants something different from a company. Find what works for your customers.

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