Why are User Reviews So Important for Local Search?

Local Reviews

There’s one piece of advice we always offer our small business clients — as a business owner, you should make it a priority to encourage customers to write you reviews.

In a sea of competitors, local search user reviews help customers find your business fast. Without the honest opinion of real life patrons and consumers, you’d be hard pressed to earn new business.

Here’s why local search reviews are so key for establishing a strong local search presence, and how you can go about gaining these crucial testimonials.

Boost Your Local Search with Online Reviews

Why Reviews are Important

Local search user reviews gain new customer trust. If a person isn’t acquainted with your business, they’re going to want to get an idea what it’s all about before spending their money with you. They turn to local search user reviews to get a feel for how you operate. They want to know that they’re being taken care of as a customer before they make a purchase from your store, use your services or eat in your restaurant.

According to BrightLocal, 88% of all consumers read reviews to help establish the quality of a business. Whether they are deciding to purchase your product, eat at your restaurant, or procure your services, reviews come in handy when an individual is considering your small business.

In addition to building trust, reviews also help improve your visibility online. A quick Google search will show you that a business with reviews appears first in the local search pack — the most visibile organic position on the page.

MarketingWhat Review Sites Matter Most

The review sites that carry the most weight in include Yelp and Facebook. There are also niche listing websites that allow customers to leave reviews, and depending on your industry, these niche sites can be essential.  These include OpenTable.com for restauranteurs, APlaceforMom.com for senior care facilities, and TripAdvisor.com for hotels.

How to Get Reviews

There are a number of ways to get local search reviews. The simplest way is to ask for them! While you can’t incentivize feedback by promising money for positive reviews, you can add a note to your receipts asking customers to take a survey and get entered for a chance to win a prize. You can also create tabletop tents with QR codes integrated into the designs, making it easy for customers to write reviews from their phones. Review requests can also be part of your purchase autoresponder and delivery follow-up emails. And, of course, the good old-fashioned method of asking your customer always works wonders!

Responding to reviews — both positive and negative — is also always a great idea. Thank people for their patronage and hear their concerns about issues they may have run into. Offer a solution that makes both you and the customer happy. As a small business owner, you are bound to get both types of feedback, but when you deal with it in the correct way, you only improve your reputation.

Boost Local Search Rankings with Reviews!

Want to put your business on the map? Generating user reviews will help, and Turn The Page has plenty of strategies for improving the quantity and quality of your online reviews. Our business listing, social monitoring, reputation management, and email marketing services can all help ensure that your happiest customers are leaving you visible feedback, while your unhappy customers can be dealt with in a way that doesn’t negatively impact your business.

To get started, contact us today at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001!

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