Start Off Your Marketing Strategy By Targeting Your Current Audience

people collaborating at a laptop with text start off your marketing strategy by targeting your current audience

Drawing in new business is an essential focus of every business but when you are just beginning to strategize on an online marketing initiative, it’s daunting to know where to begin. Focusing on your existing customers is a great place to start. Yeah, it might sound a little silly to sell to recurring customers but aren’t they the consumers you know best?

You Already Know Who Your Audience Is

Your customers know your products as well as you do and you will definitely see a trend in the demographics that buy each product. You already have a great understanding of what their challenges are and probably have them on an email list, making it easy to communicate.

All this allows you the opportunity to cultivate customer loyalty, which will bring repeat sales. Turn your best existing customers into advocates for your company, they can help spread the word about the excellent products and customer service you provide.

Exclusions Are Important

It feels a little wrong to exclude people because we are taught to include everyone as a kid. With Facebook ads, it’s a different story. Once you have a very specific audience pinned down that you know is tried and true to buy your product, you’ll want to include that in the demographics of your ads. Then exclude every existing customer. It sounds harsh, but it will pinpoint new customers that will be interested in your products. All you have to do is exclude all people who “like” your company.

No Wasting Resources

Whether it’s a marketing team or you decide to do your content marketing DIY, it’s a challenge to get a brand new campaign off the ground with no idea of the right audience. Knowing just that little bit going in can save a lot of time and money. After all, you wouldn’t want to run a campaign and find out, in the end, that you targeted all the wrong people.

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