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Depending on what industry you’re in, you’ll want to consider how many blogs you should post per month. If you are a small business owner or a solo-run company, you might start out blogging with fervor once a day to draw people in — eager to spread your knowledge. Now, as business takes off a little, you are too busy to write everyday but know that continuing to blog will drive more business and spread your company’s name.

If You’re a Creative…

Blog at least once a week, if not a few times. Blogs from small publishing companies, bookstores, design studios, art galleries, music, etc. can benefit from putting out blogs on subjects ranging from DIY tips and featured exhibits or products will both inform audiences searching for quick information on a subject, as well as putting your name in their minds with your call to action.

If You’re a Techie…

Tech blogs are at the top-tier of the blogging culture right now because it is rapidly advancing and blogging allows almost instant access. They generally attract the most amount of traffic and the bloggers, for the most part, can create the best pages with their own custom plugins, interfaces and themes that will keep people coming back. It’s easy to say if you are in technology of any sort you should blog once a day, if you have an in-house writer it’s easier, but if you don’t have the time at least get one out per week.

If You’re in Healthcare…

This one depends on what aspect of the healthcare system you are in. For doctors, it could be beneficial to blog a couple times a month about general healthcare tips that could help people who are trying to sift through information on their conditions or health concerns. For facilities like hospitals, blogging once a week about special programs, events or patients that showcase dedication to health and the human-aspect of the system. This technique can put a nicer image in the minds of people who could be researching the best place for care. It’s important to showcase that you have the best care available.

If You’re a Retailer…

Plenty of companies out there that are beginning to see the benefit of creating an online community to participate in their websites. Retailers have the benefits, if they set up a community, of plenty of individuals to write guests blogs. Clothing sites often highlight a someone who is good good works in their community or has a special connection to something. These blogs don’t have the direct line to drive more business, but they keep buyers engaged and more likely to make a purchase because they like that the business isn’t necessarily just concerned about making money.

The more you blog, the more traffic your business could potentially acquire. Keep in mind that the people reading blogs don’t want to read something that is trying to sell them something; typically they are there to learn something, not to read what is essentially a long ad.

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