Google gives another slap in the face to SEO – NOT PROVIDED

I mentioned a couple of days ago that Google seemed to be  looking for ways to chaperon the “SEO” business.  One more move that seems to confirm that theory is their implementation of a blanket NOT PROVIDED for keyword data.  The first move in this direction was two years ago when Google disallowed data to be provided for Google users when they were logged into their account. Now it is across the board.  If you are confused about how this effects the SEO world, here’s a quick explanation.

SEO companies and some generally use Keyword ranking to measure success  for their clients.  Worth noting that at Turn The Page we measure actual results (Calls and Leads) using keywords only as one tool to help improve results. There is a lot goes into Keyword Ranking, to the point where it is a virtual science, or at least it seems like it from the outside.  To help rank for particular keywords you need to know how many people are visiting your site using that keyword as the search term they originated from.  If you do not have access to that information you are pretty well guessing.  Very kindly (to this point) Google provided this detailed keyword information for free to anyone who took the time to learn how to read Google Analytics.  Now Google has removed this free tool by making the detailed information “NOT PROVIDED”.   Googles reasoning is so ingenious, if you are trying to deceive the world, it almost works.  They cite privacy concerns.  Maybe you are thinking whats deceptive about that?  Well it is deceptive because their concern over privacy doesn’t matter when it comes to paid search.  If you are paying on Googles Adwords platform then Keyword data “IS PROVIDED”.

At Turn The Page we have focused primarily on organic search since our founding.  A year ago we made the shift to combining organic and paid marketing, sensing that search (Google) was moving in that direction.  We are always striving to stay ahead for our clients. Our data shows improved results for our clients.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get results from purely organic, far from it!  We just believe the opportunity for success is bigger when in marketing is integrated.  Around the same time that Google applied “Not Provided” to analytics they facilitated the addition of regular analytics into the paid search adwords reporting console.  No matter what your viewpoint; the coincidences just keep mounting.  It is my belief; as I mentioned in this recent Post about online cheats that we are in situation where Google has reached the end of their tether with the SEO world.  They have tried to allow this industry to be a honorable participant in search where Google is the dominant force.  Unfortunately the bad guys in the form of Black Hatters keep cheating and Google doesn’t like it.

Googles position is that it continues expanding the use of SSL in their services because they believe it’s a good thing for users…On the flip side these moves are at least aimed at gaining more paid advertisers and they are potentially tightening the noose on how the SEO world operates.

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