Does Your Site Still Need HTTPS Encryption?

By May 10, 2018Google, SEO, SSL
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Google announced that they will start marking all sites without HTTPS  as NOT SECURE this summer. Here’s why you need to install a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on your site before July:

Last September, we highlighted why your website needs an SSL to protect your customers and build trust with Google. Adding an SSL to your website encrypts information that is exchanged between you and your customers. Sites that have the SSL certificate are noticeable for the HTTPS before their URL. Up to now, some sites that didn’t have an SSL were marked ‘not secure”, but a vast majority slipped under the radar.

Why the Push Towards SSL?

Google’s movement towards securing the web has been slowly gaining momentum for the last several years. They have been trying to protect users by warning them when a site didn’t have HTTPS encryption. As of July 2018, all HTTP sites will be marked “not secure” to coincide with the release of Chrome 68.

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Positive Results

Since August 2014, Google has been offering ranking incentives for companies that encrypt their sites with HTTPS. Normally when Google crawls your website, it crawls through all pages, images, videos, etc to ensure that the content is complete. The SSL encryption is so important that Google decided to reward companies by adding a ranking factor in their algorithm that just looked at a site’s URL; if there was an HTTPS before the URL, the site ranked positively on that factor. This incentive has had positive results:

  • Over 80% of the top sites on the web use HTTPS
  • Chrome traffic protection for Windows and Android has grown to 68%
  • Chrome traffic protection for Chrome OS and MC has grown to 78%

What Should Your Next Step Be?

As a business owner, what can you do with this information? The good news is that if your site already has an SSL, you’re all set! If you don’t have an SSL installed on your site yet, we have good news for you, too! Turn The Page offers an SSL conversion package that includes encrypting your website and the annual renewal fee to maintain your SSL.

There is still a month and a half before Google begins their crackdown. A site without an HTTPS encryption runs the risk of losing new users, leads, and possibly sales. Call our dedicated support team today to convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS today!

Ready to beat the competition? Call us at (816) 527-8371 or contact Turn The Page to get started!

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