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Online Marketing – Embracing Change

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Whats true for Yellow Book is true for most advertising mediums. Nothing much changed because it was easy. What changed in TV, Radio, Newspaper advertising before the internet? Again; not much. Post internet changes were minimal; a condescending passing references to the business online website or Social Media page.

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Facebook etiquette

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When we are communicating and interacting with people it’s important to identify your audience. Once you have done that then you can pick the type of etiquette that is most approperate. Even with Facebook there is etiquette. With Facebook it is personal more than it is business. That’s not saying you can’t do business on Facebook. Business is done all the time on Social Media sites you just want to make sure you are doing business correctly.

Business Pages vs Personal Pages- You first want to create a business page for your business not a friend page. One Facebook frowns upon this, and we don’t want to upset the Facebook Gods. Second we friend our friends we don’t friend a business, we like a business. I don’t tell go to the Gap because I’m friends with it I go to the Gap because I like it.  So you make a Business page for people to LIKE.

Posting on your Personal Page- With the separation of business and personal pages it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk about your business at all. What we do for a living or the businesses we own make up who we are. Heck we spend more time with our coworkers then our families,  if you own a business you have most likely pored blood sweat and tears into it. So you should be proud of what you do and your product. Please tell your friends and family about it, but you don’t want it to be the only thing your do on Facebook. We are friends with our friend to see what is happening in their lives not just their business.

Postings on your Business Page-  Although it is tempting to just post business on you business page this truly doesn’t drive business to you page. Most people are not going to go to it unless they are looking for something they want at the time. But if you make it entertaining as well as informational you will be surprised by how people want to engage in your page. You can post quizzes, articles, and humours videos. People want to be entertained and this will help them remember your business.

Dealing with conflict- Sometimes you might post something and receive negative feed back or someone may just post on your wall negative feed back. How we respond to this is half the battle. People will see how you handle criticism and make decisions on if they want to do business with you. Just respond with an explanation or if you can do anything to help them and move on. Don’t take it personally and don’t be shocked when people don’t agree with you. We are all different and that’s what makes the world go round!

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Facebook for business!!

What You Don’t Know About Social Media Could Hurt You!

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Well, maybe not you personally, but the business you either own or work for. The world is not going to the dogs, it’s going to the internet, the wireless internet to be exact (have an android phone or a laptop?)  As a newbie to the world of Social Media Marketing for business, I am amazed at what is available for business owners that will (not could) expand your footprint in your market as well as keep your marketing overhead down. I heard a presentation by a Business Coach the other day and he used a quote from the book Inbound Marketing by Halligan and Shaw that went like this: “Ten years ago your marketing effectiveness was a function of the width of your wallet. Today, your marketing effectiveness is a function of the width of your brain.”

If you don’t have a website (that has a good URL and is optimized) that has links to your Facebook page and Twitter Accounts, and your website has other links and other sites link to your site… if you don’t have a business listing in Google Places, Bing, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, Yelp etc…If you don’t blog and read other blogs related to your business area and are making comments and are being left comments… What you don’t know about Social Media may not only hurt you- it is probably costing your business money.

How Do Your Social Boundaries Compare?

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With social media sites being just another part of our daily lives, it’s no wonder we tend to beef up security. We don’t get in our cars and drive down the road without a seat belt and we don’t leave the front door unlocked in the middle of the night – it only makes sense to put those online security settings to use and keep the boogy man out.

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5 Tips for using Facebook in your Small Business

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There are many advantages of using Facebook for a business, it is free advertising and helps promote a business with personal recommendations from friends. Here are 5 tips to help promote online for the new user or those not sure how to take advantage of this resource.
Tip 1- Time management
Being on Facebook is an essential to your business but it is also can be a time sucker. How many times have we gotten on to work and an hour half later we have done one thing? Because we answered messages, chatted with our sister in law an hour away and commented on about 15 statuses. Set a timer, if you are at work. A timer can be handy if you aren’t at work; 20 min to work on your business site and then go to your personal site. You should devote one to two hours a week to work on your social media.
Tip 2-Personalize your BUSINESS site
One mistake that small businesses will make is using their personal Facebook for their business instead of making a business page. As the internet shifts more towards SEO (search engine optimization) your business needs to have its own page. Of course you want all your friends and family to like your business but you want to be establishing a Page that holds information about just your industry. Why I say industry is because you want to use Facebook to be a source of information, sharing information with you customers will help establish trust and takes the pressure that you are just trying to sale them something. Share information about what your company is doing to help the community or information about employers. Making your site more personal leaves what I have termed “invisible stamp” so that next time someone is need they will remember your company because they will feel a connection with your company.
Tip 3-Places
Make sure to add your business as a place on Facebook so that when people come in they can checkin to your business. When people see that the places their friends are checking into they will be either reminded of your location or if they haven’t heard of it they may ask questions about it.
Tip 4-Blogging
Another good way to personalize you business page is to blog. You can add information for your customers or clients in length and then link it back to your Facebook Business Page. Using a tool like HootSuite that lets you write blogs and then schedule them to be released may help with time management. How this used is you can write 3 or 4 blogs in one setting and then schedule those to be released every day or once a week. We would encourage you to blog a minimum of once a week.
Tip 5-Interactaction
Be involved with the users on your facebook page. If you put information out and people ask questions, make sure to answer them or share how you can help in their needs. Remember you are branding yourself so you want users to know you care about their needs, not just your own.

Social Media: A Generation Gap?

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When the idea came across for writing a blog about how different age groups use social media, I immediately began tallying up the differences. And I came up with, well, not much.My grandma is on Facebook and uploads pictures of her dogs frolicking on the beach when the snow is flying sideways back in the Midwest each winter. My 10 yr-old brother emails to tell me I owe him a batch of strawberry cupcakes for passing his science test. My father-in-law watches more farming videos on YouTube than you can shake a stick at. And my husband, who once asked why the rainforest was sending me so many packages, now tells me that is having a sale on diapers and I need to get some more.

Could it be? Does this mean that social media is breaking the generation gap and grouping us all as “Boomers X Next Text”?! No. Negative. No way! There will always be young whippersnappers who think they know more than we do and I will always wonder if maybe it’s time I ask my loved one to hang up his ‘Back in my day…’ stories before the kids starting calling him ‘fogey’.

What social media is doing is building better communication and delivering information to the generations alike, yet allowing us too each keep our own individuality. Better than ever, today we can search for and share all things pertinent to our lifestyles and do it with a flick of the finger and by the touch of our hand, without ever picking up the Yellow Pages.

And it’s everywhere and for everyone! Sure there are some places across the country you can still walk into and no one owns a smartphone, but those coffee shops and liars’ tables are hard to come by these days. As time continues on, it’s too convenient not to Skype with grandchildren from the vacation park where ‘all the old folks are doing it’, use your Tweets about the weather trends in your area to share with others across the country or world, or share those photos from the newest restaurant that opened last weekend…but, remember!
The generations are still out there and can see what you’re up to so don’t share anything you don’t want your mom to see! #beentheredonethat. Does your business use online marketing for all the generations?