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Facebook etiquette

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When we are communicating and interacting with people it’s important to identify your audience. Once you have done that then you can pick the type of etiquette that is most approperate. Even with Facebook there is etiquette. With Facebook it is personal more than it is business. That’s not saying you can’t do business on Facebook. Business is done all the time on Social Media sites you just want to make sure you are doing business correctly.

Business Pages vs Personal Pages- You first want to create a business page for your business not a friend page. One Facebook frowns upon this, and we don’t want to upset the Facebook Gods. Second we friend our friends we don’t friend a business, we like a business. I don’t tell go to the Gap because I’m friends with it I go to the Gap because I like it.  So you make a Business page for people to LIKE.

Posting on your Personal Page- With the separation of business and personal pages it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk about your business at all. What we do for a living or the businesses we own make up who we are. Heck we spend more time with our coworkers then our families,  if you own a business you have most likely pored blood sweat and tears into it. So you should be proud of what you do and your product. Please tell your friends and family about it, but you don’t want it to be the only thing your do on Facebook. We are friends with our friend to see what is happening in their lives not just their business.

Postings on your Business Page-  Although it is tempting to just post business on you business page this truly doesn’t drive business to you page. Most people are not going to go to it unless they are looking for something they want at the time. But if you make it entertaining as well as informational you will be surprised by how people want to engage in your page. You can post quizzes, articles, and humours videos. People want to be entertained and this will help them remember your business.

Dealing with conflict- Sometimes you might post something and receive negative feed back or someone may just post on your wall negative feed back. How we respond to this is half the battle. People will see how you handle criticism and make decisions on if they want to do business with you. Just respond with an explanation or if you can do anything to help them and move on. Don’t take it personally and don’t be shocked when people don’t agree with you. We are all different and that’s what makes the world go round!

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Facebook for business!!

What You Don’t Know About Social Media Could Hurt You!

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Well, maybe not you personally, but the business you either own or work for. The world is not going to the dogs, it’s going to the internet, the wireless internet to be exact (have an android phone or a laptop?)  As a newbie to the world of Social Media Marketing for business, I am amazed at what is available for business owners that will (not could) expand your footprint in your market as well as keep your marketing overhead down. I heard a presentation by a Business Coach the other day and he used a quote from the book Inbound Marketing by Halligan and Shaw that went like this: “Ten years ago your marketing effectiveness was a function of the width of your wallet. Today, your marketing effectiveness is a function of the width of your brain.”

If you don’t have a website (that has a good URL and is optimized) that has links to your Facebook page and Twitter Accounts, and your website has other links and other sites link to your site… if you don’t have a business listing in Google Places, Bing, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, Yelp etc…If you don’t blog and read other blogs related to your business area and are making comments and are being left comments… What you don’t know about Social Media may not only hurt you- it is probably costing your business money.

Social Search: Its not just about rank!

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When I see search engine firms promise #1Rank in search results, I cringe. They are giving us all a bad name. Social search has made it difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee rank to any business. With search results so individualized, it is possible for two people to type in the same search term and come up with completely different results.

In the beginning, it was just about getting your information on the web. Then keywords were all the rage. Then we entered the world of content. And although content still reigns supreme, relevant content from your social connections is the new variable.

Google has made it possible to individualize search results. “Your Social Search experience is personal and the highlighted content that you see is unique to you and your social connections.  Your social connections could include people in your Gmail, public friends on sites like Twitter or Flickr and public friends of these friends. Google is not just giving you the best results, but they are giving you the best search results for you.

What does this mean for business? It means social media, reviews, social bookmarking and commenting are all effecting search and are all becoming increasingly important. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses have to incorporate their prominence in their social media strategy.

In my opinion, it not only makes search better, but it makes businesses better. The quality of your web content has to be better, you don’t achieve prominence with bad content. The product or service a business provides has to be better, reviews influence purchase.

So next time somebody promises a #1 rank in search results, ask them, #1 for who? And remember in the end rank doesn’t matter, results do.

YouTube and Business- The Golden Ticket

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If you are a business owner and have been reading our blogs here at Turn The Page Online Marketing  and you are on the newer side of your social media experience, you might be saying to yourself, “OK, I get it. I get that social media is the ‘new way’ to reach my prospective buyers. I get that people are online. I get that the ‘old way’ of using “interruptive marketing” (i.e. direct mail, radio commercials, TV commercials, cold calling) although garnering a little success, (2% for direct mail- really?)  is a lot of money (printing and postage, and if you use bulk mail rates, your bags of direct mail pieces sit at the post office dock with no promises of mailing on or before a specific date- which is a bummer for the call to action deadlines that you printed on them) and it isn’t very green. If you ride in the car with a teenager, a radio commercial invokes a visceral reaction to switch to another station. A television commercial during Mad Men (my favorite show) is my cue  to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, vacuum a room or clean up in the kitchen- again (the kids were watching something else downstairs and had their commercial break.)

Speaking of TV, according to the A.C. Neilson Company, the average American (and this unfortunately includes children) watches more than 4 hours of TV each day or 28 hours/week, or 2 months of nonstop TV-watching per year. In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube. Why do you suppose that is? Is it boredom or entertainment?  My $20 is on the latter.  Now we get to the point of this blog: YouTube and business.

Let’s say you own a business and you have a website. You could be capitalizing on the entertainment value that YouTube brings to the table called your website and also utilizing it as a valuable piece of your educational puzzle. You and I learn in one of three ways: auditory (gotta hear it), kinesthetic (gotta touch it) or visual (gotta see it). Light bulb. Exploring the pages of your website your visitors will find a page that has content on who you are, a page on what you do, possibly a page on how you do what you do and there are pages on what you offer that people can either buy, get involved with or do something with. Having lots of extraordinary content (with key words related to your industry) is important for your audience and your search engines, and using YouTube videos on your site has the added benefit for the visual and auditory audience that wants to see and hear  and for some of us – like me- who like videos because we/I simply get bored. Keep me in the game and keep me on your page!

If you ever thoughtfully pondered how YouTube fits into your business strategy for expanding your customers base, getting more potential customers in your sales funnel and then closing the deal (getting the check) then using YouTube for Business may just be the ticket for you.

Think of it this way, your website is much like your Super Bowl. This is your big game where yo get to show the world what you’re made of. You want people to go there, spend time there and then pick up the phone and call you to buy or buy right there on your site. YouTube videos inside your website are like your Super bowl commercials. In 2011 the Packers beat the Stealers while 111 million people watched. Now, I am not a big football fan. I know there are a ton of people out there who love football and watch football on TV. I am not one of them. I am the one who eagerly anticipates the super bowl commercials. Even if you did tune in for the football, you stayed for the Super Bowl commercials. That is why food, which ordinarily does not make it out of the kitchen for fear that something will be spilled on the carpet, miraculously finds its way to a smorgasbord in the family room on Super bowl Sunday. It’s the commercials. There is a just as much buzz around who will win the super bowl as there is the entertainment value and interest in the commercials. Why? The commercials are creative. Some make you think. They are fun. Some make you laugh out loud. They keep you engaged. They keep you in the room. Light bulb. Adding You Tube videos to your website that you create and load from your own YouTube channel are your super bowl commercials. They encourage visitors to stay on your site. They can make your site even more interesting and/or more exciting. What’s another cool part about this? It can go viral. When a website is interesting, exciting and/or funny – your website visitors tell, share and link their friends (post it to Facebook) or colleagues (LinkedIn) to your site driving more impressions, more interaction and more sales! Hey, that’s it! That’s the golden ticket! You have the golden ticket! Charlie Bucket found the golden ticket!

Remember what Willie Wonka tells Charlie after he gets the ticket and watches the rest of the kids get picked off one by one, floats to the ceiling after drinking a fizzy lifting drink and is almost killed by giant fan blades then gives the ever-lasting gobstopper back to prove he is worthy and Mr. Wonka gives him the entire chocolate factory to live in with his family… “Don’t forget about what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted. He lived happily ever after.”


In the right Google Place at the right time

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Timing isnt everything but its a lot of things. When I took the leap from “interruptive marketing” to On Line Social Media Marketing, Rob Rance, Managing Partner of Turn the Page On Line Marketing told me that I would probably never feel comfortable with my level of knowledge as the field of SEO is constantly changing. I can tell you that he is 100% right. In the last month, search with Google Places and Local Search is changing and heating up. This can be good and bad news for business owners. First, let’s talk about the most recent changes to The King of the Jungle in search, Google – with 58% of the visits to local business websites. Most professional SEO people are looking and talking about these changes from the on-line users perspective. Here at Turn the Page, our orientation is to you- the business owner.

The Local Google Search page is changing (the layout is more organized and clean: information and photos have been rearranged ) and reflecting humanoids ever expanding desire for more information to use to evaluate, compare and judge before making in store purchasing decisions.  This is good for you because your business will now be viewed by searchers using the feature Pegman (with a street view guide much like Google earth) of the neighborhood your business sits in, the facade of your establishment and the view inside your establishment as well (in some but not all locations in the U.S.) This might be bad for you if the food you serve or the offerings you have- rock in a really big way, but visually, you’re not as pleased with your physical space or it is not reflective of what searchers expect from an establishment similar to yours.


An example of a not-so-appealing restaurant. Or is it? You be the judge cause’ Local Google searchers are now!


The extraordinary copy you write in your description won’t solve that possible visual dilemma and I would guess that garnering additional awesome reviews will be even more important to attracting new customers and keeping your spot on the search list (you do have a spot on the list- right?) This is good for your business because a recent poll indicated that people are 60% more likely to patronize a local business when there were photos associated with the SERP; search engine results page. This is bad news if you do not have your business listed with Google places. Yet.

In some U.S. areas like Orange County, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, San Antonio and Phoenix (did anyone else besides me realize these are warmer destination cities in the U.S. ?) you can apply to have a Google Photographer come to your place of business and take the pictures for you!  For now , as it may snow 2” tonight,  Kansas City is not on that list.

I want it now!

Not only do our customers want more, they are getting it instantly. A Local Google search query (of my local Italian restaurants for example) will give me a list of results and those results can be evaluated, compared and judged by me using the instant preview feature. This feature is accessible to searchers by the >> symbol as you slide your mouse down the list next to each search result. According to my research above,  if your business does not show up in search ranking A-G you don’t get an instant preview and the >> is therefore unattainable and un-instant use-able. Do not pass GO! Do not collect $200!  At the top of the map you can also choose the ‘Directions’ tab which takes you right to Google Maps where you can email it to yourself and get it on your android phone. Decide and go. Cha Ching. Your customers can now make a decision to go to your restaurant, hotel, local business or landmark, (to spend their $) and will not have to go to your website to get the information they need to make a better, informed decision. Your customers will now have the new and improved Local Google Search engine.

I know. Good news- bad news- right?