12 Days of Christmas – Day 8 (Entry Pages)

Entry pages are pages within your website that provide a “digital handshake” for your potential clients when they are trying to connect with or researching your business online.  Each entry page is focused on a specific keyword or keyword phrase. Entry pages assist in providing simple concise information based on a specific aspect of your business (individual product/service).

Your customers or clients approach your business (on and offline) with different problems or needs at different buying stages with different expectations and understanding of the industry.  Entry pages can provide an alternate avenue to connect with the searcher as it pertains to a specific search beyond the home page of a website. Their purpose is to provide the searcher specific information about one aspect of your business as it pertains to their keyword specific search.

Entry pages are highly optimized to ensure inclusion into the search engines and rank higher. In other words, an entry page could potentially be created for each service/product your business offers. Each entry page allows your business to be discovered online in a personalized interface that addresses  the specific need of the searcher.  An entry page is a very simplified and straight-forward page that does not attempt to encompass all products/services your company offers but rather stays focused on one function of a business. It does, however, give the searcher the ability to navigate throughout the entire website

For the business owner, entry pages can provide insight as to which specific pages draw the most traffic. More importantly, entry pages can help in assessing which pages generate the most traffic and generate the most conversions.

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