Without the incredible skills of our Executive Team, Turn The Page would not be the company that it is today, and not just because it wouldn’t exist. These five people have set the standards for work and play, alike, and have created a culture that makes us excited to come to work.

Meet the people that teach the Page Turners that there is no limit to the potential of our clients or of ourselves.

Turn The Page

Rob Rance

CEO & Co-Founder

Rob serves as Chief Executive Officer in addition to being one of our Co-Founders. He started his career on the seven seas, studying Nuclear Engineering and Electrical Engineering with the Royal Navy. While his past is incredibly diverse, it always led him to one subject: technology. A lover of the internet since its inception, Rob is devoted to helping business owners all across the country understand the digital world.

Rob teamed up with Amy to create Turn The Page in 2010, promptly introducing us Yanks to the wonders of wobbly coffee and an entirely different pronunciation of the letter “H.”

Bringing an extra dose of freakiness to TTP is Rob’s specialty, as well as growing clients’ businesses and taking advantage of the incredible strengths the Millennial generation has to offer.

About Rob

Born in England, Rob has either lived in or traveled to places most people only dream of seeing, including the Caribbean, Australia and Tahiti. And despite having crossed the world many times over, Rob is proud to call Kansas City home, even if it’s more than 1,000 miles away from the nearest ocean.


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Turn The Page

Amy Driver

CTO, CFO & Co-Founder

Amy is TTP’s President of Application Programs. Hailing from Wisconsin, she began her career as a secretary for global giant S. C. Johnson, eventually growing into the role of Sales Trainer.

She ended up becoming the marketing director for an electronic access control manufacturer, where she met her husband, Phil. After moving to Kansas City to get married, she started her own Website Design company which later merged with Turn The Page.  

She has an innate talent for providing understandable technology information to the TTP client base helping them navigate the difficult and challenging world of digital marketing and at the same time completing projects on time.

About Amy

Amy aims to be a globetrotter (not the Harlem kind), with the ultimate goals of visiting every country in Europe and becoming fluent in five languages. And she’s already part-way there: she’s been to eight countries, is fairly fluent in German and speaks some Dutch and Spanish. Geez Amy, shoot a little higher, won’t you?


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Turn The Page

Amalia Harvey

Director of Strategic Process

Amalia, with no exaggeration, is Wonder Woman. Director of Web Development, taking our team of Web Developers to a standard of operational excellence that’s second to none. Whether she’s running her departments, offering design advice or monitoring quality control, we count on Amalia to approach a job with the drive and business-savvy needed to get it done.

Amalia comes to us with years of experience in Project Management, where she has specialized in development of websites and internal systems. Amalia is driven to exceed her client’s expectations and grow their business.

About Amalia

Amalia lives in Alabama where she moved with her husband in 2015. She continues to express her love for KU basketball and convinces every Southerner that football is not the only sport to love.

TTP: Director of Web Development

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