Marty joined TTP in 2015 and is everything we never realized (but probably knew, on some level) we needed. Her impeccable and unrivaled note-taking ability and obsessive attention to detail make her an asset to TTP, helping keep the more scatterbrained among us in line. Previously, she worked in aviation for 15 years, construction for 8.5 and commercial cleaning for 5. To say her experience is varied would be an understatement, but we’re so glad she chose to join us in the online marketing world.

About Marty

Marty’s greatest pride and joy, aside from her beloved Chiefs and Royals, is her two children. In fact, she moved all the way back to Missouri, with its unpredictable weather and distinct lack of ocean shoreline, to be with her kids and show her grandchildren a real, magical Christmas. We’re so glad she did!

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