Clint joined TTP in late 2015 and quickly displayed just how freaky he was by EATING FIRE. Probably shouldn’t have led with that because, really, how can you even top fire-eating? Anyway, Clint is one of the youngest of the Page Turners, which he uses to his advantage in having a malleable mind. He’s constantly honing his web dev skillz and loves the unlimited potential that comes with working at Turn The Page.

About Clint

Okay, but seriously, Clint eats fire. He also makes balloon animals and does magic tricks. So basically he’s a clown, but we cannot tell you how grateful we are that he doesn’t dress up like one.

TTP Role: WordPress Developer

Multi-Leveled Similarity to Dragons:


Love of Fire-Eating:


#SquadGoals (with Kevin):


Whiteboard Drawing Prowess:


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