Peter didn’t start out as an Account Executive. In fact, he didn’t even start out in marketing. In his past life, Peter was an art teacher, and we’re lucky enough to get to see his incredible skills on his hand-drawn Christmas cards every year! Through his time at Turn The Page, he’s been able to put his experience handling multiple classes into doing the same with accounts – excelling in time management, organization and communication.

About Peter

Peter has nine siblings and step-siblings. NINE! And seven of them are sisters. SEVEN! Surely his patience in dealing with that much estrogen has contributed to his impeccable ability to take a joke, as he somehow finds himself the butt of many here at TTP.

TTP: Senior Acct. Executive

Time Spent Listening to Jokes About His Age:


Christmas Card Game:


Apple Chewing Volume:


Percentage of Siblings that are Female:


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